Dreams do come true... I think!!!

  1. As some of you may have noticed from a few of my posts, the only Chanel I have truly coveted is the Reissue, but I was a latecomer to the whole 'phenom' and by the time I got my ass moving only the cruise ones were available which were lovely and oh so tempting, but after much thought and advice from right here I passed. Anyway seeing from posts here that some from early 2006 were still available albeit difficult to find I thought I'd try my luck and call around especially since it was the Saks GC event today.

    I got up bright and early (I am in the West Coast) and first tried the main store in NYC who were, to put in bluntly, rude and dismissive with a resounding incredulous "NO!" and refused to even bother looking to see if there were any in the Saks system, Well they pissed me off, however I was like a bloodhound, I wasn't giving up that easily. I next called the store in Troy, Michigan, because one TPF member mentioned seeing one there to another TPF member, who subsequently bought it. She, at first, had no idea what I was talking about, I, however, persevered and after consulting someone else told me they had a grey one for $1795, all the details seemed to match, however from the price and her description I gathered it was quite small and so passed. She said however she'd check around and to call her back - I have to tell you she was a little hard to deal with at first because she seemed sooo distracted and kept mentionning pearls (?), but I agreed, I had to call several times because another SA kept saying she was not available- kept having to leaving messages with the other SA. Well I finally get her on the horn and she tell she has found one for $2090 (black with silver hardware) in another store (and that her co-worker never gave her my messages BTW) and describes it in detail, to cut a long story short (which I know is a bit late since I've already gone on and on;) ) I am having it overnighted (I hope, I kept saying overnight, she kept saying 2-day) - well, we'll see. I have to check it out, if it isn't what I expect or is the wrong bag I can always return it, right?
    She also said they will send out the GC cards separately, is that normal? I have never done this before so any feedback would be appreciated.

    Anyway there is one grey reissue according to her available for $1795 (she said it was around 6/7 inches across?), if anyone wants the SA's name, pm me please.

    Thanks for letting me 'talk', can't wait to have her in my hands!
  2. ^^^So.....what color did you get?:shrugs:
  3. Black with silver hardware! What do you think?
  4. Awesome!!! You will love it, I'm sure. It's the perfect Chanel starter.:yes:
  5. Thank you Smoothoprter, I hope so, I have been salivating for so long over this bag!
  6. Congratulations girlie!

    I'm the one who gave another PFer the name and # to my SA in Troy, Mi. Her name is Diane (the SA). She's the Chanel expert there. I personally don't like dealing with anyone else but her because she's been there for a long time and she knows alot about Chanel and I don't feel the other SAs have as much knowledge on Chanel as she does. She's going to Paris Feb. 1st and I can't wait till she comes back and gives me the scoop on what's to come.
    I'm not sure if she's the one you talked to or not but she has always been very kind, patient and honest (gives her true opinion-not just to make a sale). I don't feel rushed or pressured by her at all and I love that.

    Well anyway, you found yourself a great bag and I hope you like it! :drool:
  7. Thanks you designer 307. No it wasn't her, however I am glad I stumbled upon your reply in the other thread, because you were the key! I have a feeling the SA I dealt with at Troy was just being overhelmed with a lot of things at once. The SA I spoke to from NYC however was just plain rude.

    On another note thanks again for posting what you saw in the store (gave me hope!!),TPF members are always so helpful, my DH is still constantly surprised !:smile:
  8. Oh you're welcome!

    I'm glad you didn't give up because of a rude SA :yucky: and I'm glad you were able to find the Reissue you wanted!!

    Don't forget to post pics when you get it. :smile:
  9. How exciting, girlie! I'm the member who bought the grey reissue thanks to designer307's response. i had it overnighted to me and just received it today. it's gorgeous! i think you made the right move in opting for the black, as i wouldn't want anything smaller than the one i got for everyday at least. i'll send pics once i get my camera figured out. how much did they charge you for shipping? if they charged you around $25, then you should get it overnight. If I were you, I'd call back and ask them to send you the tracking info. They did this for me and should for you as well. I believe the manager's name is Lorraine, and she was the one that called me with the fedex info.
  10. THAT'S SO GREAT!!!! I love when someone finds a bag that they REALLY WANT..Can't wait to see pics:heart:
  11. I remember and I can't wait to see pix of yours. You were also kind enough to point me to eBay, unfortunately the bag there was not the right size. I did have it overnighted ($25) but she insists the tracking number will not be available till tomorrow morning, I have tried twice now to get it with no luck soI guess I'll just wait till tomorrow and try and calm my paranoid self!:smile:
  12. Thanks so much VipStyle156154!
    And I really do want this bag, in fact I have bored myself silly thinking about it!!

  13. I know that feeling;) :heart:
  14. Hi ambrosered!

    Congratulations on your new Reissue! I'm so glad you liked it! It is gorgeous! :drool:
  15. Thats great! Congrats!
    What a stunning bag.