Dreams do come true! 2 super rare bags off my list!!! finally

  1. Hi ladies! i have not posted in months, very busy busy with work.. got to earn that bag money! Heard you guys were naughty while i was gone!

    I just had to share pics of these super duper dream bags that i never ever thought i would be able to find.. and lo and behold.. Here they are! all mine. I guess good things to come to those who wait. I am super picky about the condition of my bbags, so i was giving up hope of finding these two in mint condition,, but here they are.. drum roll please!!

    miss 02 flat brass classic..

    and miss 03 lilac city!!

    and let me say.. the lilac is so much better in person.. the color is amazing. sometimes pinkish, sometimes sort of grey, then purplish. and in incandecent light she looks neutral.. beautiful! i am so honored to have these two in my collection. I shot these at my studio in my light booth to try to capture the true color and texture of each.. working on a little bbag photo project. but had to share these with ladies who would truly appreciate them.. my friends think i am nuts! enjoy!
    DSC01853.jpg DSC01855.jpg DSC01989_2.jpg DSC01998_2.jpg
  2. CONGRATS !!
    Lucky girl !!!!!!
  3. thanks cassidy!
  4. beautiful! congrats and welcome back! we've missed you!
  5. thanks mercer! thats so kind of you.. i missed you guys too.. i had to put myself on a self inflicted internet ban while at work.. i was getting too distracted by all the beautiful bags!
  6. wow!!! those a re goegeous2 bags!!! and u took such nice photos!
    congrats :party:


  7. Oh my... gorgeous! Both of them!
  8. thanks seahorse! i work with fashion photographers all day.. so i guess i learned a thing or two about taking pictures! i am currently taking photos like these of my collection, so hopefully soon i will have the project together. it really shows off the leather texture nice..and no flash, so the colors are pretty accurate..
  9. The most beautiful flat brass I have ever seen, congrats toni!!!!!!!
  10. Wow toni!
    The bags are totally TDF! The pink colour is gorgeous!
    Thanks for positing such brilliant pics!
    Congrats and Enjoy!
  11. Congrats those are both absolutely to die for!!!!!!!!
  12. how fun, toni, my bf's a photographer too. he said he would took pics of my bags some day :p
  13. :nuts: :drool: WOW both of those bags are TDF gorgeous. The leather on your black is fabulous and that lilac..........:yahoo: :love:
  14. thanks panda! that one i nabbed off eBay on christmas day. it had a handle repair, and i think thats why other people were afraid of it. but it really its super soft and amazing. If the seller did not mention the repair in the listing, i would have never known. it looks great. the back is slightly more textured than the front, and i like that about this bag. i shot some picks of my 05 back first with this bag for size comparisons.. the flat brass is slightly longer and wider, so it holds more stuff.
  15. Amazing!

    Dream bags indeed:yes: