Dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do! They do!!!!!!!!!

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  1. My camera isn't the best but one picture came out decent!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE:heart: LOVE:heart: LOVE:heart: this bag!!!!!!! The color is so pretty! A true light lilac!~ no mauve undertones. The leather has no veins and the leather is super squishy soft!!!!!!!!!!:love: I have waited so long to find this bag!!!!!!! My dream has come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I named her Liv~ after the great Livethelake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. that is hands down the most beautiful lilac I've ever seen. I'm so glad it went to one of the sweetest pfers! Enjoy!
  3. I'm so happy for you!!! You finally found your perfect lilac work and it's absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations! ;)
  4. WHAT.. that's the 06 Lilac? That is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Congrats on your new Liv... I love her!
  5. addicted~ YOU are so sweet!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:

    jdy~ thanks so much for the kind words! I almost gave up that I could find the priettiest lilac work~ so my advice to everyone is don't give up!!!!!!:yes:

    Glim~ Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!:heart: I can't believe it from '06 either! I waited so long to find it and it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!
  6. wow, that is :drool:
  7. Could you do a pic with the work and your 04 lilac clutch. I would love to see how the colors look side by side.
  8. So completely stunning, congrats, zacorey! :yahoo:

    I love '06 lilac as well...it's a very pretty color indeed.
  9. i cant beleive thats 06!!! You are so lucky!!! CONGRATS! :yahoo: shes perfect!
  10. Wow it's beautiful!:drool: Congrats on getting your dream bag!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats on your bag. It's amazing, and this is the most beautful lilac I've ever seen. Now I want one too :smile:
  12. That is beautiful!!!!
  13. That is the most beautiful lilac I have seen. Stunning.

    You are one lucky lady - Congrats
  14. Ok~ here's my '04 lilac clutch, '06 lilac work and my eggplant compagnon! Yes~ I'm a purple girl!!!!!!!

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  15. Absolutely stunning! I am so very excited for you!