Dreams...about fellow PFers???

  1. I think I've been spending way too much time on the forum, and thinking about bags because nearly every night over the last week and a half, I've had dreams about me owning bags that I've been pining for. Anyone else?
  2. totally agree!!! all i've been doing is writing notes in a notebook about bags! :shame: i refer to it all the time, ppl think im writing in my diary!
    god, im such a geek! a notebook on bags with pictures???? hehehe! :lol: i think its a bit OTT aye???
  3. :lol: I think about bags a lot, and I had a dream about the paddington before I ordered it. But I haven't been dreaming about bags lately, I've been so tired after work that I've been sleeping like a rock. If I dream, I have no idea what it's about!
  4. Oh yes! I had a dream about my most wanted bag a few weeks ago(LV speedy 25). Either I'm losing it or I really really want the bag!:lol:
  5. Yes! I posted a thread about my Balenciaga City Bag dream.

    I did not tell you all about my Chloe Silverado satchel dream.:shame: After recieving the bag, I actually floated among the clouds.:lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I dream about bags sometimes, but usually only when I'm right on the cusp of getting it.
  7. This forum owns you all. We haunt you in your dreams! Our plan of mind controlling all the bag obsessing females on this globe seems to finally take shape. :amuse:
  8. Guilty as charged - I dream about bags that I am lusting after...
  9. OMG...I've been dreaming about Balenciaga bags all the time lately :amuse:
  10. And the evil plan is revealed...:weird:
  11. Vlad and Megs didn't tell us they have stock in companies that sell designer handbags:lol:
  12. The first 2 days right after I got my Speedy 25 I kept waking up and making sure it was right next to me on my nightstand cos I kept dreaming that someone stole it!!!!!! And the dream kept picking up from there and repeating itself so I couldn't sleep! :l
  13. I wish. I'm too much of a technical guy, I leave stock and investment business to others.
  14. You usually dream about things that are on your mind a lot, and if you want to control your dreams, you just have to be thinking of what you want to dream about before you sleep.

    Recently, I've been dreaming about buying fake Louis Vuitton on eBay.. I've been 4/4 so far, so I'm hoping I never get scammed !
  15. I have had nightmares about losing my speedy.. about leaving it places and have nasty girls stealing it :eek: I think we're going nuts :p