Dreammmm Birkin

  1. Well I never thought I'd get to see the exact birkin of my dreams -colour/leather/hardware IRL until the mythical "one day" in years to come when I waltz into the H store and there, miraculously, is the birkin for me. I always wanted chevre 35 in Rouge H or perhaps a choc brown, but recently saw on the thread about shopmom's birkin that the Rouge H is quite burgundy in chevre. Sooo, that made me switch to chocolate chevre, if such a beast existed. Well, look what I have feasted my eyes on this morning:
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :love: :love: :love:
    Not possible for me to buy her right now :cry: (sniff. sniff) but maybe one of you lucky ladies might be able to?....And in a year or so when you want to sell her I promise I will give her a good home :flowers:
  2. OOOOOOHHHHHH incredible!!!
    Before I got my Potiron beauty, this was my dream bag. Now, my focus has shifted to this combo in a Kelly 32 souple!
  3. I saw that earlier and I too fell in love with it!!
  4. This is quite a rare find but I hope you get lucky, xquisite
  5. Xquisite.....that's a gorgeous bag and well worth it IMO. Any way you can contact the seller to see if they're open to some kind of lay-away? I don't know if they do that sort of thing but I always think there's no harm in asking....it's really a lovely, lovely bag...
  6. I also recommend asking for a "plan" - it has worked for me....and where there's a will, there's a way!!! Good luck.....
  7. LOVE THIS BAG! I would scoop this up at Hermes if ever offered to me.

    Store retail is? Low $8k? Please someone chime in here...thought my SA said chevre $8100 in a 35
  8. I think so, Kellybag....around $81 or $82 sounds about right in a 35. It's really gorgeous.....

    Why are these bags never available when we walk into the store!?!?!?!?!(well, maybe I should just speak for myself here....)
  9. shopmom...I would kill for that bag or one close to it! I love it. I am waitlisted for it and I am so sure it will never come my way...why? I just don't see it, but I want it. Just not for $13K
  10. I should add, I would take chevre in like 7 or 8 colors in a 35 and I am almost willing to go for a 30 if offered to me.

    What does a 30 chevre run anyway?
  11. Ooh, thanks for the encouragement, everyone....:blink: I think:lol:

    I have emailed the seller to ask for a plan - no harm in asking, right? Has anyone had dealings with this seller before? I am in a frenzy trying to come up with insane plans to get the funds.:sad:
  12. OMG! Somebody SHOOT ME! OMG! This is my favorite Birkin too! Well, one of! OMG! OMG! THIS IS GORGEOUS! I must pretend that I never saw this......

    CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE:love::love::love: GT say it with me girl!
  13. I'm here, JAG!Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:
  14. JAG, I'm wishing for this bag in a B30 for you and it's little sister Kelly 32 for me!
  15. Absolutely!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for us and a fuschia chevre for Ms. Kellybag!!! Here is to a wonderful year full of chevre for all us ladies! CLINK!:biggrin:
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