Dreaming of Plumes!

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  1. I don't know what it is about this adorable bag but suddenly I am completely smitten with the Plume! I think a 28 would be a lovely size to carry everyday but I haven't even seen one in person yet! I have been searching the forum obsessively, drooling at pictures, but I really need to hold off on major purchases for just a bit longer... January, maybe?

    Tell me, Plume carriers, are they as dreamy as I imagine? Easy to get in/out of? Do they hold their shape well? I'm thinking about boxcalf but is there another option I should consider?

    I love my Kelly dearly but admit that carrying her everyday makes me worry about the stress on her, you know? Plumes seem less delicate to me... no?

    Finally, does anyone have any new pics of their Plumes to share?

    Yours in Bag Love,

  2. Plumes are gorgeous and practical! I love the 28cm, on ME, the 32cm is too big and boxy. A box leather Plume would be TDF!
  3. Thanks, Tea! I'm only 5'1" but curvy so I think 28 would be fine for me... Does it come in the other leathers too?
  4. ^ Fjord, ostrich, box, epsom,chamonix, Togo, vache Liagee, and chevre (harder to find but my fave.)
  5. I have a 20cm in black box (surprise! surprise!). It's easy to get in and out of the bag. For a small bag it holds surprisingly quite a bit. I really do love it and the size of the bag makes it easy to go from day to night. Another one you may want to consider is the Plume Elan, that bag looks great on petite types.
  6. I have a 28 plume in rouge h chamonix and love it! I am 5'2"...don't have a pic here at work but can post later on...they are wonderful! Actually if you do a search on e-bay as well you can find them - and Luxury-Zurich has a beauty on it's website right now - a 28 in Rouge Vif...maybe box leather even?!! Very great bag - holds it's shape, etc. - easy in and out - I don't usually zip it - love the handles, etc...
  7. Thank you all!

    HG - This Plume Elan you speak of... where might one see a picture of this creature?

    Shoes - I came sooooo close to buying the one on Zurich's site last night... I should really wait a bit longer though! Also, I am a redhead and I worry about carrying a red bag - perhaps I shouldn't worry about it - I don't know... my hair is auburn, not bright!
  8. Nepherisis' site is unavailable but I have an older picture of a black Box Plume Elan. My only complaint about Plume Elans is that they don't have feet and are lined in a more fragile lambskin (rather than goatskin as in regular Plumes). As far as I've seen, it looks like all "Elan" bags (Kelly Elans, Plume Elans, and Jige Elans) are lined with lambskin instead of goat.

    BTW, Plume Elans are also about 28cm in width, but they are less deep than the regular Plume 28.

  9. HG....the link doesn't work for some reason.....
  10. Oh YEAH!!!!!! THERE'S MY BABY!!!!! YOU have it, 24!!!!! Gorgeous....Gorgeous bag......................sigh.......
  11. Hmmmm. It seems Nepherisis's site doesn't work when it's inundated with hits.
  12. ^ it's so purdy!
    I think 24 let this one go awhile back, though. D, one HAS to be out there for you!
  13. I love the feet on the regular plume!
  14. Thanks, D., but yes, I've let this one go a while back. I took this pic back in 2002. I prefer regular Plumes!