Dreaming of LV....literally!

  1. Ok, how sad is this....I have been pondering what next bag to get (Tivoli, mini lin bucket, bh, etc..), and for some reason, I had a dream I received a popincourt haut as a gift...how bizarre! I know I won't be getting any LV for Christmas this year (that's a whole other story)...but maybe its a sign that the haut is the bag I am wanting all along! lol :roflmfao:
  2. Any time you dream about LV is a great nights sleep
  3. I've been dreaming about LV as well. I am saving for a Damier speedy, and it appeared in my dreams last night AND the night before (but in the latter, I was being attacked and the guy also tried to steal it, but I got it back, haha). I dreamed about the Azur speedy a couple weeks ago, too.

    My boyfriend thinks I'm weird, but oh well.
  4. LOL.. I have had LV dreams before.. I posted about it a while ago. it was weird b/c i posted about a bag i wasn't even lusting for... a Perfo speedy.. maybe we should all buy our "dream" bags.

    My husband thinks i'm weird too wordbox, but i don't care. LOL..
  5. LOL!!! I just had an LV dream last nite too!! I was like in the store and didnt know what to choose.. too many LV bags!! Too many SAs and too many ppl. It was all too overwhelming. And it was too black and white... ( aren't dreams suppose to be black and white ...???)
    I was telling my husband about my dream during lunch today, and he said I'm too obsessed with LV!!! Well, at least I'm not dreaming about another guy... :upsidedown:
  6. LOL thanks for understanding!!! I was really disappointed when I woke up and realized it was a dream....SIGH**** :s
  7. Maybe your dreams will come true soon!!
  8. I dream about bags all the time lol!