Dreaming of Deep Deep Teal for Coach

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  1. I’m seeing so many gorges rich colors this year but I’m still hoping that coach will be releasing some Deep Teal Color Handbags before the end of the year, has anyone heard anything? Or is this just wishful hoping.

    Mulberry bag; Balenciaga shoe

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  2. Pretty, and I love your avatar!
  3. I could go for that in a basket clutch. With a brass zipper.
  4. The outlets currently have a pretty teal color that I wish came in more styles. Some are in patent leather, and others are in plain leather.

  5. I have to go check that out, the patent sound interesting.

  6. Thanks it’s an advertisement for Bonnie Cashin handbags for Coach, circa 1968. It’s amazing how tiny the purses were back then.

  7. I almost got one in the gallery tote too! I should mention that there are 2 shades of teal that I saw- a lighter one, and a dark one which I think is actually called Peacock. It was available in the tote and satchel styles, and several wallet and wristlet styles.
  8. The color of that Mulberry bag, which is gorgeous, is similar to last year's teal croc Madison. I heard there is a jade coming to the Madison collection in December.
  9. I just ordered the Peacock Ashley Satchel from FOS, I have fun teal accessories that I used in my black Alex tote because it matches the lining and I am sooooooo hoping that they match!!!!!! I am feeling teal too!!!!!
  10. I would be all over that color. Come on something in Madison!!
  11. I am wishing for a deep teal, a deep burgundy, and I know I need to buy something legacy in midnight for my deep blue. Ah, all of my problems ;)
  12. I'm with everyone else on this. I would love some deep teal bags. A nice Burgundy or deep emerald green would be nice too!
    Are you listening coach? We're giving you the best focus group you could ask for. Lol. Does anyone else wish coach was reading and actually listening to our wants and especially our complaints?
  13. I'd like to see some teals this fall/winter too.
    The Madison bags from a couple of years ago had a nice teal (Sabrina & Julianne) and the Teal croc Lindsey from last year is beautiful and dark (more on the blue side than other Coach teals.)
  14. Have you seen the blue Pinnacle Amelia or the blue woven Caroline on the website?