Dreaming of color....

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  1. I would love to have a colorful bag. After renovating my closet, I see that I have mostly neutral clothes and mostly neutral bags. Since i wear blue jeans and a black or white top much of the time, I suppose I could wear any color bag. My problem is I have tried a couple of different colors but they seem to have not clicked with me.
    Maybe it was the color? the skin with that particular color on it? or the bag (too large for the color)?....I'm not sure.
    For example, I really loved my rouge vif chevre hac 32 but the size of the 32 with the vivid color on the eyecatching skin was a bit too much for me to carry off and feel comfortable.

    I'd love to have an elegant, grown up color.
    I'd like to avoid rouge h, vermillion, any green, orange, yellow or bright or baby pinks.
    I like blues, purples and reds.
    Should I try for a 30 in rouge vif again (if I can find it) or rouge garrance--perhaps in a less vivid skin than chevre? any other suggestions (not only for color but also size, style and skin)?
    Pix would also help!
  2. Rouge vif CROC!
  3. RC, how about raisin?
  4. I was thinking of that today and I think that rouge vif croc we saw is the most gorgeous bag that I've ever seen. I've come to grips with the fact that I don't think I could ever spend that money on a handbag though. I will have to live vicariously through you when yours arrives. I just know that you will have that bag someday!;):heart:
  5. Raisin might do the trick in the right bag and skin. I'v eonly seen togo irl and the togo was a bit too dark for me. the togo I also saw had very heavy veining which I find now that I don't care for as much...LOL! I'm hard to please! Is there a skin where raisin shows up a bit brighter than the togo? :confused1:
  6. rouge garrance?
    sweetie, why no rouge h? I can see you rockin a rouge h chevre bag.
  7. chevre!
    are we strictly birkin-ing here?

  8. I've never seen rouge H in chevre. I've seen it in box and it is gorgeous but has a lot of brown undertones I thought. I am going to have to check the color swatches in chevre next time I'm there.
  9. I think we are birkin-ing....but lately I've been wooed by the Kelly!:wtf:
  10. raisin--in togo or clemence is a deep violet in shadow and royal purple in the sunlight. a surprise color...........it takes a minute to realize what it is..............for those of us color shy its a great choice
  11. Have a look at AABs rouge photos in the Reds section....

    Chevre is on the left in this one.
    And... a moment of silence for AABs rouge H collection...... Le sigh


  12. my fav red is rouge vif (chevre or croc or fjord)...if you want something less intense how about rouge garrance in vachee ligee? i saw a 30cm in hawaii, and it was so hard to put down!
  13. I think Thalassa is a gorgeous blue :yes:
  14. My vote is for raisin in any leather. It's a colour but it's neutral...
  15. How about the new bleu paon in chevre mangalore? Sorry I don't know how to pull the pic but it was posted in the recent thread about the new color lagoon. Such a pretty blue. Look it over. I loved it.