Dreaming of Coach... Again.

  1. After such an amazing 4th, you'd think that I'd have something a little more interesting to dream about than purses. Last night when I passed out in bed the only thing that I could think about was Coach.

    I was in Nordstroms and I found a whole display full of items marked 70% off. I tried to find something to buy but nothing jumped out at me until I saw my current obsession... the grapefruit coin purse.

    I was so excited until I saw the price. It was listed at $400 AFTER the 70% off.

    Looks like I'm a little more obsessed than I thought... and that the price hike is bothering me after all! haha!

    Do you guys ever dream about your purses? I hope I'm not alone here! And if you know of anyone who is selling a grapefruit coin purse for something under $400, let me know!
  2. Are you talking about the coin purses like the apple? That only retailed for $98.00! I had a dream the other night about the coach daphne that I saw at the outlets last Saturday for $145.00..I kept thinking I should have gotten it. If I didn't like it that much I could have made some extra loot just selling it on eBay. Does anyone do that here, buy bags at the outlet then turn around & sell it on eBay?
  3. i saw a lot of people at the outlet that do do that. i dont, at least i know i wont for a while. i was just thinking about the grapefruit ones too! that and the watermelon. i would have loved it more then my apple : \ but at least i do have that so im pretty content, but it would be nice to stumbled onto it one day, just south of 400$ :biggrin:
  4. I don't get why it's so expensive?
  5. you sure it wasn't $40 and instead of $400?? I'd have taken it to the counter for a price check, because $400 seems a bit outrageous! :weird:
  6. Thats what i was thinking too. Did you ask the SA to check it? If that is the real price....:Push: :yucky: :shocked: :crybaby:
  7. LOL, you guys - it was her dream! (Unless you're kidding....hmmmm...ignore me then :hrmm:)
  8. I dream about my purses...and new obsessions that I have until I buy them or until something else comes around that I want lol...but a coin purse for 400?? I think it may have been mis-marked. I just got mine for 40...lol
  9. blackbutterfly, enjlux It was just a dream! :roflmfao: She didnt actually see one that was $400.

    Yes, I dreamt I won the COACH gallery tote. I was so happy, then I woke up, ugh! :Push:
  10. oh duh...I feel so stupid..LOL!! I get it now it was just a dream haha
  11. If only I had control of my dreams... Unfortunately I'm not a lucid dreamer. I definitely would have asked the SA for a price check! :P

    When I was on my LV cerises kick I'd dream about finding an authentic cerises speedy in perfect condition for dirt cheap... It'd be so nice if this actually happened. :crybaby:
  12. oh ok...i sure read that one wrong!! :Push:
  13. looool girls!! arent we all nuts.. daydreaming.. and dreaming about bags we so want..!! :P
    << yiiiiikes!! i hope i dont end up with purse nightmares tonight!! :blink:
  14. They're the worst!!! I have such vivid dreams... I've been startled awake by some of my dreams, and the saddest part is looking at my purse collection and not seeing any of the purses I acquired while I was asleep. :crybaby:
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