Dreaming of Christmas What's on the List?

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  1. Ok, so DH and family want my Christmas list: Think they are prepared for this? New or used, a girl can dream- no?
    Mini Lin Bucket
    Damier Ribera MM
    Monogram Stephen
    Groom Zippy Organizer
    Cerises Speedy 25
    Nomade Alma
    Damier Azur Noe
    Vernis Bronze Forsythe
    Silver Miroir Papillion
    Denim Sac a Dos GM
    Graffiti Speedy 30 Khaki or Silver
    Keepall 45
    Garment Case
    and an Epi piece but I don't know which one, I think a two-tone Noe.
    C'mon-I've been pretty good this year! What's on your list?
  2. I trimmed mine down:
    khaki or silver graffiti speedy
    brown/pink CB cles & papillon
    Saleya PM
    black MC Trouville
    Damier Alma
    Red Epi speedy 25
    Black epi speedy 25
  3. azur mini pochette
    bolt key ring extender
    mini lin speedy
    :biggrin: I can dream, huh..
  4. cabas mezzo (mono or so damier)
    azur pochette (coming FRIDAY!)
    azur cles (coming FRIDAY!)
    bosphore messenger
    petit noe
    geant loup
  5. Suhali Lockit MM, black....

    but I am cheating...it's already bought and tied up with that lovely LV holiday ribbon and waiting in the gift closet :shame: .

    Had to get it before the price increase. ;)
  6. Cerises speedy
    mini lin speedy
    mono H/lockit
    Mono stephen would be nice :smile:
    Groom cles
    damier sayela pm

    Azur speedy 30
  7. damier azur keepall 50, and my moms vintage monogram keepall 50, this is the xmas im gonna get it :yahoo:
  8. i want i want:
    cerises speedy!
    white MC speedy/ trouville
    chanel cambon pochette
    mirioir papillon
    trapeze brown or pink
    damier speedy THAT does not BLEED!
  9. I have my wishlist posted by the computer. lol. :PI told him to use it as my Christmas, anniversary, birthday, and "just because"(which rarely happens LOL) list...

    *Batignolles Horizontal(DH is adamant about not buying this for me *ever*. He hates the way it looks. He thinks it's too wide.:sad: But, I'm going to keep it on my list in the hopes that he will relent or I'll just buy it on my own and endure his taunts)
    *Monogram Papillon 26
    *Epi Speedy 25 in Red
    *Epi Soufflot in Black or Red
    *Damier Musette Long Strap
    *Conte de fees Musette
    *Damier Azur pochette Accessory
    *Fleur de Porcelain bandeau in Blue, red, or Beige
    *Champs Elysees bandeau in Pink
    *Bolt Key Holder/pochette extender
    *Monogram Speedy 25
    *Damier Speedy 25
    *Monogram Mini Noelie in Blue(DH dislikes this bag, but I think it's sooo cute. I may have to get this on my own)
    *CB Pochette in Cream/Red or Pink/Pink and Papillon in Pink/Pink
  10. Sadly, I think about what I want for Christmas TOO often. Of course I'm not getting *everything* on my list but I guess thats why it's called a wish list, hehe.

    Right now I'm EYEING:

    Saleya PM in either Damier or Azur
    Multiclés rabat
    Illovo MM
    Key and Change Holder in Azur
    Musette Tango Long Shoulder Strap in Damier or Mono
    Eliza in White MC
    Wapity Case in White MC
    Zippy Wallet in Black Epi
    Mini Pochette Accessories in Azur
    Schilling Coin Purse in Black Epi

    Any other surpises by people who know my taste would be nice. :yes:
  11. damier azur mini/regular pochette
    epi speedy 25
    perfo cles
    ..and i would love to have a BH/BV in damier! :drool:
  12. I think I want a grimmaud.. but then again, I think I'm also dreaming ! :biggrin:
  13. Me, I'm pretty simple:
    Cerises Speedy 25
    Multiclés rabat
    Damier Azur Noe

    Simply, Gorgeous!
  14. wow that's a long list! I really only want my mc speedy and a chanel baby cabas (I know not LV! hehe)
  15. my graduation, birthday and Christmas are all in December, and amazingly enough, i only have 2 or 3 bags on my list :lol:

    Suhali L'Ingenieux PM in black
    Cuir Embosse Polly
    (if it's still available then :girlsigh:)
    Velvet Chains Pochette Rabat in beige
    (i'm not too sure about this yet, but i do like it)