dreaming of an evelyne!

  1. ever since i've spotted two mommies in my baby's gymboree class sporting huge evelyne's (one in orange, another in gold) - i've been dreaming about them and i'm wondering how functional can they be for my everyday casual lifestyle with an almost-toddler baby.....can you post pics of your evelyne in action, PLSSSSS???? thanks!

    and also, this pic of ellen and portia keeps me daydreaming more of this particular combo :


  2. I would imagine that is the BEST bag to carry to be casual with a kid!

    I mean its chic stuff...but you aren't worried about it as much. throw it on full of stuff....love it!
  3. Oh Pazt, I sold mine and totally regret it but I know I'll get another some day because it is just the most functional bag! Loved wearing it cross body for hands-free but it would also actually stay on the shoulder without slipping too. :tup: SF recently had a toile but I think it was a PM. It was gorgeous IRL! :flowers:
  4. I'm using mine every day now while my Kelly is in "the shop" and I have to say that I really do love her! It's just the greatest for travel and any other time when you need hands free. I have the PM2 and everything that was in my Kelly fits ... plus my PM Karo. I keep the PM with my cell phone in it in the extra outside pocket.

    Here's a picture of mine. This pic was taken one Saturday a few weeks ago when I needed a "hands-free" bag to take one of my Malts to the vet's. If you have a lot of things to carry, you might as well get the GM as you'll have a little more room.

    I have clemence and after a year of using it every day for a year it still looks like new... not even a scuff.

    Can you tell I love it! :p

  5. I Adore The Evelyne.....This Is One Bag I Have Always Wanted!!!!!!
  6. Great Picture Kallie
  7. I bought one GM and now lost count. I love them for everyday casual errands. My hands are free and my arm isn't bruised from a Birkin when supermarket shopping. I love them in Clemence and I have toile and ebene and toile with gold. I can only manage taking 3 dogs to the vet with this bag since they all get carried in individual carriers.
  8. Here's a gm on a 5'3" frame. Lovely bag for hands free mommyness!
  9. RC ~ I Love This.....Do You Know The Measurements Of The GM?
  10. Thanks bagluv! It measures 12 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. The strap is a 34 inches. I measured the height in the middle of the bag (where it dips down) and not at the side.
  11. Great bag. I like the one Portia is carrying. It looks really chic even with Uggs. I also love the vibrand colors like Bj, orange and potiron! Very fun.
  12. PazT, I'll try to take a photo for you over the next day or two. Mine's a PM2 and I'm eternally grateful I bought it. The extra pocket makes all the difference in the world. My Evelyne is the one bag I tend to grab the most. DD is almost two and she's a handful. I can't deal with her while carrying a Birkin. My Kelly 28 is perfect but gets quite heavy after a while. As for my Evelyne, it's so light and wraps around my body perfectly that I'm hardly ever aware that it's there. Besides, clemence is so durable that I don't have to worry if I toss it on my car seat, wear it on a rainy day (like today) or if it bumps against something. It still looks like new despite the rough treatment. Friends of mine who have no idea what Hermes is go nuts about it too :smile:

    I normally fit my overstuffed wallet, cosmetic pouch, nappy, baby wipes, mini plastic bag, a packet of tissues, keys, cellphone, diary and some snacks for her. I could even squeeze in her bottle of water at times.
  13. I too have been dreaming about an Evelyn lately. I have twin boys who are three and I need both hands free at all times :smile: Someday.... :smile: :smile:
  14. Hi PazT! I like it in blue!
  15. Pazt, I also love that pic with Portia and her evelyne. I nearly named by dd "Portia" after the character from the Merchant of Venice. I was not a fan of evelyne before, but I think I should give it a try. It does look like a great mommy's bag. Rocker and Kallie Girl look so comfortable and chic with theirs.