Dreaming of an agenda ... (literally!)

  1. So, I have been wanting a vernis agenda for a while now, and last night I actually had a DREAM about it! :wtf: :nuts: In the dream, I went to LV looking for a red one, and it was set up like a warehouse store where you would just go down an aisle looking for what you needed. It was quite nice. :wlae: So, I found the agendas and they only had a dark red, not the pretty candy apple red. It was kind of like indigo vs. mat blue, it was a little more subdued. I asked an SA if they had any more and she brought out an awful bubblegum pink one. Like the color of that awful medicine you take as a kid when you're sick. Then I woke up, haha!

    I figure I should actually GET one so I can stop dreaming about it, but here is my problem -- I don't know what color to get! I've narrowed it down to the red and indigo but I go back and forth between both of them. I guess it will depend on what they have in stock around me ... but what color do you think? I want to get something in each color eventually ... but I don't know what. Proibably another bag. So if I get the red agenda, I'll get an indigo bag and vice versa.



    And this is my collection (minus the bedford). It's pretty split into pinks and blues already :biggrin:

  2. They're both HOT, but i would go for the red.
  3. Since you love both colors and already plan on getting something from both, I think you can decide by choosing which color is easier for you to match your outfits, perhaps..? Get that color for the bag. Then get the other color for the agenda... :P
  4. I would go for the red too and indigo for the bag because I like the indigo with vachetta better than the red with vachetta.
  5. Although I like the red one more, I think the indigo one will match your other vernis bags better.

    Beautiful collection BTW! :biggrin:
  6. I'd go for the indigo, it'd look lovely with your antigua cabas !!! :yes:
  7. I love your antigua! Red would go with that too ;) Could be very patrotic!

    Red is going to be 'in' this fall, if that matters to you....also I have heard red is going to be discountinued....

    so I would lean toward red (as if you couldn't tell).
  8. Argh, I am still confused. Do you think the red would clash with my fuschia reade? That's what I've been using lately. I have to drive an hour south for school tomorrow night and there's a mall with an LV store I haven't been too ... maybe I will have to stop in and check them out in person.
  9. I really like both of them. I think I would go with the blue.:idea:
  10. I think it would clash since both colours are already very bright, whereas the more subdued indigo will "balance out" the brightness of the fuschia and end up complementing each other.
  11. ^^ That's what I was thinking! Hmmm. I'll have to call and see if any indigo ones are still around, I didn't have time to make it down there today.
  12. I vote for the indigo! The color is too die for! Also I think it will match your collection more than the red
  13. I love the red..I don't think it'd clash because I always use my framboise PTI and don't change when I carry my red Biscayne Bay. It's not a big deal. Both colors are really good as far as transfer goes, but for an agenda, I'd suggest the indigo since it's going to get a lot of use.
    I still want my plum suhali one :sad:
  14. I like the blue one
  15. I've always LOVED the indigo! Too bad its discontinued here, or I'd get one too!