Dreaming of a red RM bag...

  1. I have been wanting a wine Matinee for a long, long time now, but since it doesn't look like I'll ever get my hot little hands on one, I've turned my attention to the MAM in Ruby - thanks to Gung. :drool:

    Question is, will I pull the trigger? And does anyone have a picture of the MAM in this colour?
  2. No pictures yet, but I am presuming it looks identical to the color of the Ruby bag in summer campaign thread. I really think you ought to pull the trigger on this one because all of RM's red/burgundy colors are hot sellers and tend to sell out quickly, KWIM? During the last two sample sales, I dont recall very many at all of the red/burgundy colored bags.
  3. I'm going to email Sara now!
  4. ^Atta' girl! Bit the bullet! Let me know what happens okay? Im super curious if there are anymore! If you need a preorder link to the bag, let me know, its still in my email
  5. Aargh, do you mean I might not get one? :crybaby:
  6. No no! I think there are two left in stock! I can double check for you if you want. Hold tight, I will be right back, ok!?
  7. yikes! they may sell out before they are even released? that's crazy!
  8. Okay, there are officially two of the Ruby MAMs left and two of the Violet MAMs left. If anyone wants the pre-order link from Luna Boston, let me know!
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  10. I do, please! But mine will be an international order so I usually have to order via email. Thanks so much Gung!
  11. Id like the link...doesnt look like I'll find a wine mam, so maybe the ruby will work
  12. I pre-ordered this baby awhile ago thanks to Gung.

    It's going to be a beauty...that's for sure!
  13. Contessa, sweetie, did I ever tell you that you have phenomenal taste? Every bag you own, I just find myself wanting it for myself! LMFAO!
  14. I still haven't heard from LB! Waiting on tenterhooks!
  15. ROFL! What in the world is a tenterhook?