Dreaming of a mini lily ... need some help!

  1. I've been admiring the photos posted of members new Mini Lilys. :drool:
    I THINK I NEED ONE. I can't seem to find details of the dimensions, handle drop, style number, price and color options. If you have these details can you post them for me, please? Also, can they be ordered thru stores or JAX (online later?)? For those who have this bag, what do you think? I'm thinking Black or Camel... does the Camel get dirty? Any photos of the inside or modelling would be appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance for the help! :drool:
  2. They can be ordered through the stores. I have one in black and love it. I originally wanted the camel, but it was backordered and I didn't want to wait so went with black. I'm glad I did, because after seeing the Leigh in camel, I'm afraid that color might get dirty easily. If you do a search on the mini Lily, there are threads already with dimensions. It's a great bag! You won't be dissapointed if you get it!