Dreaming of a Chanel!

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  1. Hello all!

    I've been admiring Chanel from afar for a really long time now!

    I'm so sad that there will be a price increase before I get a chance to get a bag :cry:

    Last time I went to Chanel I fell in love with a pink flap bag (not sure if that is the actual name of it) it was like $1800 or so.. With the price increase how much will that bag be now?

    After the price increase, how much will the Medallion and Jumbo flap bags be? I just want to plan ahead! Thanks for any help! =)
  2. Not sure about the medallion, but the Jumbo Classic Flap goes up from $2,250 to $2,650 on Nov 1. I believe it's a 22% increase. Only the classic bags will be affected (GST, Medallion, classic flaps, etc).
  3. Thanks for your help missisa! Goodness, 22% is a big increase!
  4. there's a thread called "Price Increase Thread", please check there:yes:
Thread Status:
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