Dreaming of a blue speedy Please help...

  1. Years ago I had a blue Petite Noe and a hated the style so I ebayed it.. now blue is totally discontinued including the gray blue color.. is it Merctile? Anyways I want a blue Speedy.. any advice where to look for it. There are no decent consignment or vintage shops in my area.. ebay seems to be my only hope and they are all so shady looking on ebay.. I hate to get burned with a fake..
    Advice ladies?
  2. Do you mean the Myrtille colour? I have that in my speedy 25, love it.
  3. No, I think she was talking toledo perhaps, myrtille is dark blue almost navy if I recall, right? Good luck in your quest. I am very leery of used pieces from overseas that this point.
  4. Myrtille isn't that dark and I can see where she is calling it a greyish blue, I think she had the older blue first in the noe and now is looking for myrtille but it too has recently been discontinued. Myrtille is much brighter than navy that's for sure......

    Maybe calling the 866 vuitton # will help her find a myrtille speedy.....
  5. thanks all ready tried to call and they say there are none.. would even take an alma... but just so leery of ebay.. any other advice? At this point, Toledo blue, or myrtille would be fine.. just totally obsessing..
  6. Is there a store near you? Try going in and asking them to do a search, they seem to be a bit more diligent than 866...good luck!

    For ebay, ask some of wonderful people here on the authenticate thread for help, you can find real there and may save some money :smile:
  7. I just purchased a Myrtille Epi Speedy 25 a few days ago at Nieman Marcus in Fashion Island, CA. My SA told me there were only 4 left in the country when she ordered it for me. Good luck in your search!!
  8. Have you checked let-trade?
  9. Gongratulations:yahoo: Love mine!
  10. I could not find this thread yesterday. Valley Fair, CA had a ton of mytille yesterday, I did not see a speedy, but there was an alma