Dreaming Of A Bag??LOL

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  1. Ok so am I totally crazy? I actually dreampt of the Chanel bag that I want? Tha sad part is that it was only a dream:sad:
    So the question is am I the only one to ever dream of a bag? HA
  2. um...no, your not crazy. Unfortunately, when I get a bag in my head that I want, I have those Chanel dreams too. Actually, I think a lot of us around here have Chanel dreams!:lol:
  3. You're not crazy at all!!! I use to dream of my HGs at least once a week...
  4. I said am i obsessed? and then I realized.. yes I am..lol well i'm glad to hear it's completely normal!!
  5. ^^ you're in the right place. Here, when it comes to bags, nothing is impossible or weird.
  6. I have sweet dreams of Chanel bags very often :smile:
  7. oh ur not alone ...i've seen the most amazing chanel and i keep dreaming of this. i keep looking at the pics every other day. :P
  8. ha.. that what i keep doing I keep looking at pics and i guess my dreams will keep coming until I get it!! ha until the next obsession.
  9. You so belong here! I not only dream of Chanel bags, but I wake up thinking about them. Even my SA's are in my dreams..........
  10. Daydreaming maybe, but not while I'm asleep.
  11. I am sooooo glad you have started this thread !!!! LOL

    For the last 4 nights I have been dreaming about a black GST with S/H. Each morning I have woken up thinking maybe my addiction is getting a little ( ok, alot !! LOL ) out of control. I haven't told DH because he would he would ship me off to the funny farm !!! LOL

    I feel so much better knowing I am not the only 1.

    Thank you CRISN11. When I wake up in the morning, I will remember your thread and know that I am not going crazy having spent another night dreaming of a GST !!!! :tup::roflmfao:

    :drinkup: here's to more dreams !!!
  12. I mainly have daydreams but never regular dreams. I daydream about the Red Jumbo with Gold HW alot lol.
  13. Yes! as soon as I know what bag I want next!!! I have the craziest dreams! Just before I went to buy my 09C beige jumbo I was dreaming about it for about a week straight!! It was actually driving me nuts!!
  14. haha thats just like me, I daydream also thinking how it will look when i have it on etc. I tell my sis somethings wrong with me obsessing about chanel and they just laugh at me.
  15. LOL ... I daydream about the vintage red jumbo with gold HW a lot. :smile:

    Night dreams, not so much -- but I could totally see it happening. Sometimes when I am laying there falling asleep, I think about bags and which one I would like to buy next.

    Mr. Jones thinks it is funny that I think about fashion (and especially Chanel) so much, but boys just don't seem to get it ...

    I tell him it's like the way he plays and talks about golf all the time ...