Dreaming of 1kt Heart shaped ring Flawless

  1. This is my dream.....
    well, near flawless anyway with top color in Dimaond.....:tender:

    What would one expect to pay?? I think that I will never be able to afford one but wanted some idea as to what would be the range....anyone???
  2. Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry at Blue Nile lets you play with diamond specs without having to actually deal with a dealer/jeweler.

    one carat isn't so expensive, relatively. there was a 1.00 E VS1 (very good cut) for 6k and some change. depending on what kind of setting you choose, you could be looking at less than 7k. yes, that's a lot of money, and yes it might take you a LONG time to save for....but if it's your DREAM anything is attainable eventually. :yes:
  3. ^ wow! i never knew a 1k diamond was in the same price range of a hermes birkin! ohh diamonds or a birkin, haha!
  4. ^^ Definitely the Birkin. A 1-carat ring does not have the kind of "wow" factor that an Hermes Birkin does. :yes:
  5. Thanks so much for the info!!! And your right....thats not too bad and it is possible......my family was telling me that it would be over 15K??:shrugs:

    I would pick a Diamond over a Birkin as my heart lies with LVs....:drool:
  6. If it helps to give you an idea, I had a GIA 1.02 Heart G, SI2 sent in for a client, it was $3900.
  7. Thank you for the info. That doesnt sound bad......