Dreaming at Jewelry Stores

  1. I went shopping today and stopped in at a local jewelry store to look at necklaces, but ended up trying on this 2.29 ct emerald center w/ side baguettes. OMG!!! It was so beautiful my breath became uneven. What surprised me so much was how much it sparkled. I feel smitten with that ring. The sales person had me try it on with a very delicate eternity band, and it was even more breath taking. Anyhow, just had to share!

    Turgeon Raine Jewellers Engagement Rings Fine Gemstones Gold Platinum Designer Jewelry
  2. Absolutely stunning. You just have to go and get that ring!
  3. that's a beautiful ring.
  4. As you can already see that I go absolutely frenzy whenever I get to see any form of jewelry I would be rather anxious to get that particular necklace as you have described here. They simply appear fabulous to me and I am rather anxious to get it now.
  5. Beautiful! Get it!
  6. Love that ring!
  7. love it! hopefully you get it soon!
  8. Gorgeous-the most elegant ring style and cut ever!
  9. Totally fabulous!
  10. It is a gorgeous ring! I love jewelry stores too. I used to just be addicted to handbags but now jewels are my passion too, but so much more expensive.
  11. Wowza! That ring is gorgeous!
  12. that's a huge rock!
  13. Very pretty!
  14. Agreed, stunning!! And IMHO, the most impressive part of that ring are the long baguettes! Those are RARE!

    Turgeon Raine is such an amazing store! My poor Bob has to put a vice grip on his credit card because he knows I will fall in love with a half dozen pieces!!
  15. I love Turgeon Raine! They have the most lovely stones!