Dreaming about Toundra

  1. jag started it .... she decided to compile the list of colours - leathers and we were all happily putting in the names ... then HG put "Toundra" down and the connection was made. Yup, that was one of the names of the new leather swatches my manager showed us at the store. Subconsciously, my mind has been yearning and yearning to see a bag made in this .... I know it's not until the fall before a bag will pop up in this new colour .... I dismissed it each time the name comes to mind. I couldn't take it anymore today and I contacted my SA. I want something in TOUNDRA! :sweatdrop:
  2. This is one color I don't think will suit me. I know the Medor will be coming in this color as well as ardoise. Now that ardoise holds some promise for me. Must see the bag in person, though.
  3. What's the colour like?
  4. I am intrigued by this colour, HG. It's not a 'in-your-face' colour and I think it'll succeed as a great neutral, an alternative to vert olive. Yes, I will need to see Toundra in a bag, and not make a decision based on the swatch alone. I have seen the swatch twice so far, and it's growing on me.

    Adroise is great too but because I already have graphite, these 2 colours are very close.

    tricia, it's a browny, matte olive green. Browny green. You saw the swatch too actually.
  5. ^^ Yeah maybe. But you know I'm so bad at remembering the colours and leathers....:p
  6. Yes, Mrs.S.,
    I am really looking forward to toundra as well,
    it should definitely be paid special attention for the fall season :yes:.

    If I remember the swatch correctly, seems to me it is very similar to 'vert bronze',
    if you know that one, Tricia.
  7. MrsS: I'm here!! Toundra and Ardoise Toundra = Browny, matte olive green. Browny green.

    I am lemming for a Taupe color.. not beige but a nice dark beige+olive green.
  8. Presenting AW2007's new colour - Toundra!

    The first H bag in Toundra has landed! Thanks to westiepup who posted in the Exotics thread in the reference section. Photo Credit: mika's blog

    It's so dark in croc! Looks like black. But I think you can see the green-y undertone.
    Shiny Toundra Nilo Croc.jpg
  9. This is going to be a very big hit. I like the Army green feel of it.

    I think the color is close to Vert olive
  10. I was told by an SA at my store who regularly attends the podiums, that toundra will be available
    in matte croc as well. I am sure the green-tones will show better like that than in shiny croc.

    I can't wait to see it in person!

    Thanks for posting the pic over here as well...
    I hardly have a look at the reference section.

    better go check it right now ;).---->
  11. MrsS! MrsS! I saw this color in a Birkin 35cm! Dont remember the leather but it looks GORGEOUS with GH! Our SA showed it to us. Sadly it was for another VVIP so no GREEN for me yet.
  12. Awesome! Yes, I was told Toundra is perfect with GHW.

    Was it in Box Calf that you saw, princess? Smooth, shiny leather?
  13. I have to agree with you, Tenshi. :yes:
  14. Humm I cant recall. She just showed it real quick to us since the manager was there. I'll call and ask her what leather it was! I think it would look absolutely beautiful in a boxcalf Kelly with GH:drool:. Hummm where is DH...I need something green:p.
  15. i've seen toundra in a swatch in our store. it's dark green with a bit of brown undertone, IMO. i forgot what leather swatch it was....it would absolutely look gorgeous with GH!