DREAMING about LV and this forum... ever happened to you???

  1. [Granted that it's all true!!]

    Last night I had a dream..
    In the dream I went to LV to get a violette vernis Pochette Cosmetique (which I like, but it's not on my wishlist!! LOL!!). Then I went to Sephora because I wanted matching lipgloss and nail polish. Back at home, I put on lipgloss and nail polish and took pics to share with you on the forum!!! LOL!! :lol:

    Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had dreams concerning LV and this forum?
    :confused1: Am I crazy or just an addicted to LV and to this forum???

  2. YES.... when I am thinking about a bag I want or about a thread that interested me... I have dreamt about it... don't worry you are not crazy :lol:
  3. I have dreams that I am shopping at Saks with my mom.... but nothing about TPF!
  4. I've never dreamed about tpf, but I have dreamed I walked into my den one day and there were glass display cases holding every LV I've ever seen!
  5. I dream about LV about once a month (last week I dreamt that my boyfriend broke my new Neverfull!!) And I think I dreamt about the forum when I first started coming here, in my early obsession/infatuation phase:p Dont worry youre are not alone/weird!
  6. LOL, I have multiple DAYdreams throughout the day. I have even made mistakes during work because of the S/S 08 pink ostrich Alma dancing around my head.
  7. kissmy,

    I know this is OT, but your dog looks JUST LIKE my dog!!!!

    Is it an apricot poodle?
  8. Yes he is! My beautiful 1.5 year old toy poodle! His name is Louis lol :p
  9. I have the strangest dreams dreaming of LV and TPF is not unheard of in my head
  10. When i went to buy the neverful and found it was out of stock and put my name on the

    waiting list..i couldnt wait so i bought a burberry.. and then when the SA called to tell

    me its in..i was going crazy cuz my mom buys me my bags..i'm like shes not going to

    accept no way .. ofcourse i told her and shes like you just got a new bag!

    Anyways that night i dreamt that my mom bought it for me.. so when i woke up i told

    her about the dream and she was like okay fine if ur actually dreaming about it go get

  11. yes! always! sometimes I dream that I'm just typing on tPF..and i wake up and I'm like, wtf?

  12. How weird. I have an apricot toy poodle, who will be 2 in April, and HIS name is Louis!! They look just alike.

    He is my world, LOL!

  13. LOL - My Chihuahua's name is Louis too!
  14. I have yet to dream about TPF or LV, but I know I do waaaay too much DAY dreaming lol. It's to the point of being unhealthy, but I don't care! :angel:
  15. haha...not weird at all. Though I haven't dreamt of TPF or LV yet, I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later!