Dreaming about Fall '08 Black Speedy with a strap!!

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  1. Literally...exactly what I have up in the title for this message.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was starting to obsess about this bag! Aside from there FINALLY being a speedy with a strap (love the idea of a speedy that could be EITHER hand held or worn on the shoulder), I'm wondering about the price...

    And dare I hope a canvas (Damier) speedy that has a strap too one day???
  2. I am too! I hope it won't be too pricey. I've been posting it in my blog for several days now.
  3. Count me in! I'm really hoping it's not too expensive because the watercolors are supposed to be my last bags this year...
  4. That bag is beautiful. I want one if it's not too expensive.
  5. i really don't like it but i don't like the color black if i have to do a dark color i can do brown but i mostly stick to ligher/brighter colors.
  6. I think it's gorgeous! But will it be available in the 30 size?
  7. love it, got my eyes on a few fall and winter bags already can't wait till we get more info about it .....
  8. Can't wait to see it IRL
  9. I LUV it, I don't want to use the strap, but it will be nice to let it hang(think Marc Jacobs Stam bag) I saw that model with the small one in the Brooklyn Museum pictures from last night, but the one on the runway looked larger, I need a 30
  10. Does anyone have any pictures of it? What does it look like? :smile:
  11. ^ I missed that too...can someone post a pic of it? Thanks
  12. I think it's cute but it will probably be sooo expensive. I'm also not sure if I am crazy about the embossed "Louis Vuitton" but I'm excited to see it IRL. [​IMG]
  13. I cant really see what it looks like from the picture
  14. I'm loving it but it'll probably be out of my reach!! :sad:
  15. from the runway show there were 2 sizes. looks to be a 25 (or even smaller) and about a 30 size too. who knows what will make it into production.

    but i was in love with it. but right now not so much. i think i have s/s fatigue waiting for the watercolors vvn to come out.