Dreaming about Choices...


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  1. Damier Alma

  2. White MC Speedy

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  1. I've been adoring my ivorie alma and have been using her with my amarante sunset inside as a clutch / wallet. The sunset is perfect inside the alma since it's so sleek.

    However, life's stresses are getting to me and I keep dreaming about a collection addition.. I'm considering a Damier Alma, or yesterday I fell in love with the white MC Speedy.

    I adore white MC and have the petite noe and the Shirley in white MC. I think the Speedy would be a great structured bag to add to my white MC collection, I also have the black Lodge... What do you guys think? Damier Alma or White MC Speedy?
  2. Sounds like the MC Speedy's calling your name! :graucho:
  3. White MC Speedy!
    I LVoe that bag... It's so fresh and beautiful.
    The Alma is cute too but it's so small and I do not like Damier so much.
  4. Get both! I recommend a Speedy because of its youthful design though.
  5. MC Speedy!
  6. I'm the odd one out ... I say damier alma!! you have some MC already, and can always get the speedy later on!
  7. Thanks Everyone! AnotherEmpty! haven't seen you in forever and been missing you, thanks for taking the time to vote!!!! hugs:heart:
  8. No question go for the MC speedy.
  9. you already have a alma i think u should get the mc speedy
  10. I would do the speedy ASAP, its a lot of $ and if they do raise their prices again it will be past $2k!!! the Alma in Damier is HOT, and its reasonable in price, I LOVE IT!
  11. alma..alma...alma... i still like alma the design of the bag is nice!!!:p
  12. Thanks everyone!!!! mmmmm, can't wait! Will keep you posted....
  13. I love them both....whichever you can swing financially, go for it!
  14. I love the Damier Alma, but it is still relatively inexpensive compared to the MC speedy, so if you love the MC speedy, get it while it is still below 2K.
  15. MC Speedy! Would look HOT on you, V. :heart: