Dreaming about bags?!

  1. Oh my gosh! I think I've gotten way too far into this!:nuts: I had a dream last night that I was shopping for handbags and woke up all excited. Then I went, "Aw, shoot, just a dream," and kind of felt let down. I think I spend too much time thinking about bags! (This while I sit here waiting for the UPS guy to bring my latest acquisitions!)
  2. It happened to me too! Very pleasant dream indeed. Sometimes I've got bag nightmares when I spot a bag on eBay and I'm very tempted to buy it, but feel guilty.
  3. That's scary, isn't it? :smile: I had one too - a month or so ago - and started to tell my husband about it while it was fresh on my mind. Then I thought better about telling my DH about a purse dream. He thinks I have a "purse problem" anyway, so I surely didn't want to tell him I was dreaming about them. Of course now I can't remember anything about it, except that it involved a purse I was about to buy.

    Hope the UPS guy comes through for you today!!
  4. lol, i don't know what i was dreamin about for the past few nights but i wake up and think about that kooba i'm gettin next week! woowee!
  5. Last week I had 2 dreams, 2 nights in a row, I don't remember the 2nd one but the first one was about me buying some ugly bag (which I thought I had to have) from a lady on the subway. I gave her a check for $400 for a used bag and as soon as she was gone I started to feel completely guilty, because it had been such an impulse buy and I didn't even like the bag..ugh...I was so upset in my dream, it actually woke me up:sad:

    Like I mentioned earlier today I HAVE ISSUES!!!
  6. On my way to sleep each night, my brain goes straight to the gorgeous YSL Downtown I toyed with in Neiman's the other day - Can't afford it but can't get it out of my mind. Really sick!
  7. Last week I had a dream that I got a MJ Baby Stam, haha. And I wasn't careful with it and it got bent.
  8. I recently had a dream that I was a handbag designer, working on a new bag. I wish I could remember what it looked like, but I can't. That's not too odd for me though, I have design dreams often, but usually they have to do with interior or architectural design. The handbag thing is definintely a new twist! LOL!
  9. hhaha! Same here! Almost every night I dream of bags and bags!
  10. yup had handbags dreams before. the last one was so bad -> bagS dreamS and than cannot sleep. my dh "pity" me and bought me a bag soon hahaha (not that i'm complaining :p)
  11. actually, i do that with art and photographs, but not bags. not YET, at least!....