Dreaming About Babies

  1. I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a boy. In the dream, I had to run an errand and forgot my dream son under the comforter:crybaby:. When I got home the baby was fine and breathing (Thank God!!):wlae:

    Anyone else dreaming about babies?
  2. envy, I think about you a lot {{{hugs to you girl}}}

    I always dreamt about babies when we were trying to conceive.
    We laughingly called ourselves "baby stalkers" because we would see little ones everywhere and we'd stop what we were doing and sit and watch them. . . hoping.
  3. Hey ENVY!!

    I dream about babies all the time!! Monday night I had a dream that I was in a hospital and they were implanting me with a baby... not IVF or anything, they were actually putting a full term baby inside me so I could deliver it....

  4. Last night I had a dream about Balenciaga, I guess you can see where my desires lie!

    If you're TTC, I hope that it happens for you soon and that you have a beautiful Sept/Oct baby next year. I've got my fingers crossed for you!
  5. All the time. It kills me.
  6. I haven't dream about babies, but I dreamt about being pregnant with a big belly quite a few times. Actually a little over a week before I found out I was pg, I dreamt that I took a HPT and get a BFP. I told DH after I woke up and we were both hoping it would come true for this month.

    But we do notice babies/kids everywhere. We just kind of watch them from afar. They are just so adorable.
  7. I dream about babies ALL the time!! I am not TTC right now, but I can not wait to have babies!

    Swanky, I stop and look at babies all the time. Vlad thinks it is a bit much- so I have the urge a tad sooner than him :smile:
  8. Some say that dreaming about pregnancy/delivery is your subconscious working through some kind of big transition or change in your life. It's symbolic in other words. I had many dreams like this when I was younger and single and not trying to conceive.
  9. But then again, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  10. Lol!!
  11. I notice babies and young kids ALL the time (esp little boys). And I have frequent dreams of having my own child. I want one so badly all these kill me (softly) all the time.
  12. Thank you Swanky.:love::heart:
  13. I just bought a magazine w/ Brad and Angie's little girl on the cover- feel like cutting out her picture & putting it under my pillow and pray and hope if I get pregnant the baby is born with such magnificent features. I'm sick, I know. LOL