May 3, 2006
I can't believe we don't have a thread started. Did anyone see it? What did you think? I hear Jennifer is great! But I also heard that some don't like it because it differs from the original play and others say that it runs like a play and not a movie.
I want to go and see it but my fiancee is not thrilled about it.

My little sister saw it and did not like it at all. She sais it was waaay too much singing.
DUH. I told her. Its a musical.

She didnt know. I can't wait to see it. I've seen the play. I hope its not too different.

But for those who are not used to musicals I've heard that all the song and dance can get annoying
I saw it. It was fantastic. Great story, all music and one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time.. Beyonce was incredible and she was made up to look so much like diana ross. Jennifer Hudson stole the show. What an incredible preformance from her and her voice was unreal. I didnt realize Eddy Murphy could sing as well as he did and Jamie fox was wonderful. I just bought the soundtrack. I may go and see it again this week. The audience applauded at the end of it. LOVED IT!!!!!!
I loved it! I took my daughter to see it today and she loved it too. I saw the original on Broadway and yes, this is different, but film adaptations usually are. I was raised on Motown music and so I really enjoyed it. Eddie Murphy's performance alone is worth the price of admission, IMO!
It was AWESOME! I absolutely loved it. I saw it on Tuesday and I nearly cried when I heard Jennifer Hudson sing I'm telling you. I swear I'm going to go see it again next week.
I just saw it last night and LOVED it!!! I saw Oprah's show on it, and immediately downloaded the soundtrack! I love musicals and thought this was very well done! Even DH enjoyed it. Of course I'm a sap and cried too (and applauded at the end!). I can't wait to own this movie!
I liked it okay. Jennifer Hudson sure can sing and Beyonce is beautiful, plus she can sing too! Eddie Murphy was a great actor, but the movie wasn't my style, although I can see why it has received great praise.

I was hoping for more Motown music, and the tone of the movie was dark and dreary. It was a good thing to do today b/c it was raining, but really the show was not my cup of tea, which surprised me. I was all set to love it.
I loved it! I thought the performances were amazing! All of the acting and singing was great! But above all, Eddie Murphy blew me away we his acting and singing!

I rarely see a movie in the theatre, but I thought this was worth it so I went I went Tuesday...I was not dissappointed. I am even thinking of going again tomorrow...I never do that!!