Dream Wardrobe?

  1. :heart: Hello everyone! I started this post so everyone could post their dream wardrobe,or at least some items for it.If you have some nice clothes,you could also post that too.I will occasionally post some of my clothes and bags/accessories,so stay on the lookout! Thanks!
  2. I'd just take the whole of Victoria Beckhams wardrobe as my dream wardrobe!!! (wouldnt mind a bit of Nicole Richie's and Gwen Stefani's wardrobes mixed in too!)
  3. In one word: couture!
  4. LOL yes, I would have everything made, according to my own designs and desires, I would oversee every step of the process, Off to Egypt! riding up on my friendly and extra fluffy camel to contemplate the cotton growing in the field, then to India, to discuss the exact kind of thread I wanted it spun into, and I would be beyond finicky about the weaving process, thread count, hand, lighter than air, but not transparent - and then to Thailand and China to begin the whole process again for the silks! Make sure my elephant is ready. I would like a whimsical and mischievous one today.

    And then everything must be dyed to exactly the colors I want: lots of periwinkle, lavender-pinks, fuschias, even the neutrals must be just exactly right!

    and then on to the design! And the embroiderers! I would look at the work of dozens, the most talented in all the world, and a lucky few would be selected for exciting careers on my staff!

    What a great thread! I am going to be daydreaming about this all day!
  5. Thanks! I'm glad you like the thread LOL! I do too,if I have to say so myself.I love reading your creative and awesome posts about tit! :heart:
  6. **it not tit :p