Dream Vs. Reality??

  1. What will your next three LV purchases really be VS. what you would buy if nothing was an object e.g. limited availability/discontinued, practicality, ability to SO, $$ not an object...
    for me:
    -reade pm
    -white mc wapity
    -a cles or small agenda epi or suhali...

    -one of those butterfly LE bags that I can't remember the name of but saw in Hawaii years ago...
    -Suhali Lockit (the one suhali bag I know I love)
    -Segur MM in the old yellow epi or mandarin
  2. Real: Miroir Bags
    Dream: Le Fab in GOLD
  3. Reality:

    Mini Monogram Trapeze PM Rose
    Cerises Speedy 25
    Cherry Blossom Papillon Red/Cream

    Dream (which I'm determined to get but are on this list because right now it's extremely difficult :mad:):

    Epi Lilac Jasmin

    Mini Monogram Josephine PM Navy TST
    Multico Franges Speedy/Bucket (ok there's no real urgency for this yet, but definitely the Jasmin and Josephine :yes:)
  4. Ooh I agree..
    Reality: Miroir bags (Silver Speedy, Silver/Gold Pochettes)
    CB Red and Creme Papillon
    Le Fab in black
    Blue denim Neo Speedy and Mini Pleaty

    Dream: Le Fab in gold
    Le Fab in silver
  5. Reality:
    Epi Noe
    Something from the Groom collection
    Damier Papillion

    Red/Cream CB Papillion
    Silver Graffiti Speedy/B+W Graffiti Alma
    Eye Love You White
  6. Real: :yahoo:
    • Epi Black Card Holder
    • Wapity
    • Carnet de Bal MC Black
    • Mini HL MC Black or
    • Mini HL Mono.
    • Koala MC Black
    • Ipod Nano MC
    Dream: :tender:
    • Speedy MC White or Black
    • Alma MC White or Black
    • Alma Mono
    • Popincourt Haut
    • Alma Nomade
    • Epi Mabillion (black)
    • Petit Noe MC Black
    • Suhali L'Epanoui GM
    • Keepall 45 w/ Shoulder Strap
    Its so nice to dream.
  7. reality:
    denim mini pleaty
    damier azur speedy
    mirror clutch in silver

    le fab in silver
    speedy twilight watch:wtf:
  8. reality:
    damier koala purse
    damier saleya PM
    damier sac plat

    monogram trapeze PM in pink
    white MC alma
    red/cream cherry blossom papillon
  9. Realistic:

    Framboise Small Ring Agenda
    Black MC Snapped Billfold and Coin Wallet
    Fleurs de Porcelaine Bandeau Scarf in Red, Blue, or Beige

    Mint/BNWT Cerises Speedy
    Mint/BNWT Red/Cream CB Piece(would love a wallet)
    Mint/BNIB Set of Murakami Onion Head Hair Pins
  10. Reality:
    - Denim mini pleaty in blue
    - Damier Saleya MM
    - Epi Speedy 25

    - Suhali Lockit in White
    - MC Speedy
    - Denim Neo Speedy
  11. Reality:
    Monogram Multicolore Wapity in white
    Monogram Koala small agenda with rose interior
    Monogram Vernis Malibu Street in perle

    Suhali Le Talentueux in white
    Suhali Le Fabuleux in black
    Monogram Multicolore Alma in white
  12. reality :
    cherry blossom retro
    black MC speedy
    perforated green cles

    that bag kate moss carrying on the new ad
    speedy fringe bucket
    conte de fees beggars
  13. Dream
    Real helpful SA at my store (as my SA is on holiday)

    RUDE SA:sad: (Making me feel like I am so grateful that she has actually taken the time to attend to make NO effort in locating a suhali lockit PM and then inform me that I need to actually be patient and just wait for it ). I wish elux shipped to Aus.
  14. Reality:
    Reade PM or Wapity or BH or epi/suhali agenda
    (only ONE reality can be met!!!):shame:

    Suhali Lockit GM or MM
  15. Reality:

    Panda cles
    Fortune Keychain
    Epi Wallet


    Vintage trunk, to use as a coffee table
    one of the watches