Dream vacations...

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  1. I love traveling. In my dream world, I’m traveling to Paris, with one carryon and the perfect handbag. With the pandemic going on, and being under lockdown, and having to have cancelled our upcoming trip to Seattle, I’m interested in knowing your dream travel location and of course, what purse you’d bring.

    For me, Paris and I can’t decide on the bag...
  2. Not really my "dream" vacation, but I wish I was gong on our Hawaii trip that we had planned this summer :sad: we were also planning on Nashville and San Diego but that's not happening any time soon. Oh the things we take for granted..​
  3. I’ve never been to any of those places! This will pass and we will travel again...
  4. My only dream is to go to Vegas at end of May and Capri in August. Both trips have been booked for months and both are my favorite places. I dont even care about the bag at this point. Who knew life would change so much in a few weeks.
  5. My dream vacation that was planned for September is Paris then London then Barcelona for 2 weeks.

    If I was to only bring one bag it would be my so black reissue 226.
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  6. Mine would’ve been the vacation my husband and I were supposed to take this coming August/September (although, I haven’t officially pulled the trigger on cancelling yet). We had a 2 week cruise to the Mediterranean booked that was going to multiple areas of Italy, Greece and Southern France, and we were going to spend a few days in Rome before the cruise :sad:. I was planning to take my two rectangular minis (black and ivory caviar) so I would have smaller crossbody bags that would go with everything.
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  7. Today is our wedding anniversary and we were going to do a weekend getaway but didn't book anything due to the shelter-in-place order. We'd planned to visit Europe in May (but now it looks more like September/October if things improve). Would love to visit Barcelona, Paris, Colmar, and several cities in Italy.

    To keep it purse-related, I have the Hermes Evelyne and something LV Epi on my travel wishlist.
  8. I was supposed to go to Seattle too; I wanted to see tulips and we have friends there. I'd love to be there right now with one of my pink bags.
  9. I'm from WA and I'm so sad I don't get to see thr cherry blossoms this year. I wanted to take pictures with my baby!
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  10. I stumbled across this thread and it made me smile to see my city (Seattle) mentions in a good light. My friends, send me a message if you make it out here in future better times and we will get together and appreciate it all the more after this isolation!
  11. I’ve been wanting to go to churchmouse tea shop... it’s on Bainbridge Island. You are lucky to live in such a nice city. We went last year and had a blast. My bil lives out there, so we try to visit once a year. Last year we went to Victoria, and I loved it there.
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  12. All three city’s are amazing. I lived in London in college... I hope you can make your trip happen after this passes.

    do you find the reissue 226 is heavy? Do you know if it’s heavier than a m/l flap? I’m still searching for the perfect travel bag.
  13. I love Bainbridge, such a cute little city!
  14. It is lighter than a m/l in my opinion! I love 225 and 226 for travel since they are foldable/packable :smile:
  15. I just really want to be able to have my wedding and go on my honeymoon in June to Sardinia and Corsica but I highly doubt that will happen. Heck, I'd even substitute a garbage bag for my purse the whole time I'm there if only it meant I could go and things would be normal again.
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