Dream Job?

  1. What a great thread to revive!

    1. Architect (or draftsperson of some sort) Anything with Design & Blueprints!
    2. Medical Examiner (a female Quincy!) Sounds gross to some but I think it's fascinating.
    3. Interpreter for the UN (and travel to exotic locales)
  2. I'm with you- travel blogger.
    Or a specialty store owner. Selling only unusual items to wonderfully nice people.
    Or missionary.
    Or retired person who gets to ride her bike around and enjoy the sunshine and scenery daily.
  3. HIV/AIDS researcher (I pretty much idolize Dr. Francis & his chutzpah), or a dermatologist. But I get queasy easily and have no real science skills, so it's a pipe dream.

    Or a sommelier.
  4. 1. interior designer
    2. own a hotel
    3. contributing editor
    4. product manager touroperator
  5. I am currently doing my dream job as a stay at home mom, but I would also love to get paid to work from home. I need to do some searching to see what are some options to make that possible.
  6. 1. Chanel Manager
    2. Imagineer
    3. Businesswoman
  7. I want to be a fatshion blogger! I also want to own a plus size boutique and feature indie fatshionista designers!

    I also want to continue to do what I am currently doing but I would like to get better at it - advocacy work in the disability rights movement.
  8. I would like to do residential interior design and have a business importing antiques, furniture and decorative items from around the world.
  9. Travel guide writer and travel essayist, used book/antique shop owner, the usual!
  10. 1. Fashion lawyer (currently working on that now!)
    2. Fashion magazine editor/writer
    3. Buyer for Bergdorf's, NM, Saks, Bloomingdale's
  11. 1 Architect (going to school for)
    2 Industrial Designer
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    I have my dream job as a fashion blogger :smile: xxx
  13. I'd still do what I do now - work in health.

    In my fantasy I would have my masters, work part time and lecture at Uni occasionally also.

    Oh and I'd only work 4 days a week :smile:
  14. Food critic
    Cookbook editor
  15. 1) work as cabin crew in Emirates Airlines
    2) have a job in fashion industry