Dream Job?

  1. Well... I think I am on my way to my dream job! A lawyer! I'm planning on doing real estate, wills & trusts. I have grown up w/ a lot of lawyers & it seems like a good life to me!

    In fantasy life, an heiress or better yet a Princess Diana figure- ability to do all that charity work!
  2. something that will put me in the heart of the fashion industry. i thought my dream job was being a buyer but i did that and didn't really like it.
  3. For some reason I've always wanted to be a college professor. I know that I'll need to get a PhD eventually, but I plan to do it so I can become a full, hopefully tenured professor some day. As an official first "baby-step" I'm trying to get at least part-time work teaching at the college level, and tomorow I have an interview for an adjunct faculty job, so I HOPE I get it. It will give me the experience I need as well as additional on the job training, and I can "feel it out" before I decide to quit my current job/career and pursue the college professor thing full time.

    On the less practical side, I always wanted to be an actress. I was actually involved in drama and theater as a teen through my school and church. Although Whoopi Goldberg and Samuel L. Jackson started their movie careers when they were older than I am now, I figure that since I'm thirty, it's probably too late to attempt to do that. But a girl can dream!
  4. To teach.....

    I think that education / learning is the greatest thing one can do for another and do for oneself...
  5. Hmm I have lots of ambitions all centred in one area:
    I want to be a psychotherapist working specifically with addicts (food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, anything) in a primary treatment centre such as the Priory, Clouds House or Promis. I also want to lecture in Counselling & Psychotherapy, I want to have my own private practice for clients and to do private counselling work in the City.

    That is basically everything one of my tutors does, she is my inspiration :yes:
  6. I've always wanted to be a teacher and I have been one now for the past 10 months. If all I actually did was teach and work with the kids it would be heaven, unfortunately there's a lot of beauracracy now and it is not the job that everyone assumes it to be.

    If I could get paid a handsome salary that would allow me to take care of my family I would go into retail. I worked in retail when I was younger and I loved to put outfits with accessories together for customers. I am a total extrovert and loved the interaction with people, making them happy, helping them to see themselves in a positive light, talking about fashion.

    I would also love to own my own boutique, or do something that allowed me to travel.
  7. Fashion Stylist
    Personal Shopper
    Product Developer
  8. That would work for me!
    Otherwise, I have a dream job now, I am an independent contractor and I work about 14 hours a week.:wlae:
  9. MM.. that would be divine... although that seems nearly possible... my dream jobs would be (in order of age)

    1. Epidemiologist for the DOH
    2. Wife/Mother
    3. World Traveller
    4. Grandmother
  10. Anything related to the things we eat and the way we look.
  11. I think I´m part of these people who worked towards getting their dream job. So I guess I can say that I made it : I am a product developper/designer in the toy industry, and abroad. There is always a difference between what you imagine and what it´s really like, a lot of the other dream jobs that I´d like are also super stressful,competitive and don´t pay that well.... I am lucky that I found one in the field I love but also fairly paid, not stressful, and with strong ethics and moral values (so rare nowadays !)
    Now to be truly happy I´d like to transfer it in a European or north american Capital city.....
  12. I love to have my own boutique too! I'd love to have my very own designer handbag consignment shop and also online! :heart:
  13. A job where I can sit on my ass all day, tell people what to do, kick my feet up, surf tPF at the same time...and get paid ridiculously tons.


    u said dream right?
  14. I would like to be a stylist and/or a personal shopper. I know a lot of people would like to do this but my hook as a personal shopper would be to but items on sale, at re-sale stores etc. I would like to be known as a personal shopper who shops but at the same time does not spend or buy items at full retail just because the client has unlimited funds. When I go shopping for myself, it is always the thrill of the "lowest" possible price that really excites me!!!
  15. 1) Mike Rowe's job on the show Dirty Jobs
    2) A-list actress