Dream Job?

  1. What are your dream jobs??? Share and why!
  2. I have 3 dream jobs..

    1. To be a flight attendant.
    2. To be a fashion merchandiser.
    3. To be a Chanel SA! (to get discounts!)
  3. A novelist that did some freelance work on the side.

    More practically, I think I'd enjoy working as an editor or writing for a magazine.
  4. 1. Lawyer for the french embassy.
    2. An ambassador
    3. Senator
    4. Hermès or LV manager.
  5. I'd love to have my own boutique!
  6. I would love to be one of those people who gets paid to travel around the world visiting spas-hotels-resorts and writing reviews on the service.
  7. where do i start?

    - fashion magazine editor (unlimited closet!!!)
    - head of a movie studio/movie executive/actress
    - writer
    - successful career woman with the time and spending power of park avenue wives
    - real estate investor and interior designer
    - artist
    - political bigwig to make changes to all things that are screwed up!!
    - that spa reviewer suggestion above sounds good too!
  8. Party/Event Planner. I'mvery creative (if i do say so myself!) and I love coming up with ideas, themes, table settings, gift bags etc... for events.
  9. Anything that involves public worship of my person. ;)
  10. I wish I knew what my dream job was, then I'd just go for it!!! Figuring it out is HARD.

    Since it's a dream can Lotto winner count as a job? If so I'll do that :p Maybe property developer of really weird buildings, turning them into fabulous homes - I'd love that. I'm so hooked on the TV show Grand Designs it's unreal.
  11. Me too!
  12. iv always wanted to work for the british embassy abroad. it sounds glam even though its probably not.
    my achievable dream job though is to be a curator or collection keeper for a big gallery. i graduate with a BA (hons) history of modern art, design and film next june so hopefully im almost there.
  13. Me too. Or a food critic :p

    Another one would be to own my own inn/hotel. I love the hotel industry
  14. On my honeymoon in Tahiti, we met the guy that writes the Frommers travel guide for Tahiti as he was leaving our hotel. We ended up bumping into him again at a popular restaurant, so we asked him to dine with us. He said his job is pretty nice but there is a budget that the travel books give him, so he doesn't actually stay in most of the hotels he reviews. He just goes to them and takes notes. Same with restaurants - he'll only really eat at a few each stay, and rely on other people's recommendations for others. Each day is a really long itinerary of stops, so he doesn't really get to "enjoy" each stop, just about an hour before he has to move on somewhere else. But he says he still enjoys it (he's also older, in his 60s, I presume, so at retirement age). It's not a full time job; he just goes whenever the book needs a new edition. (Cool thing is, he mentioned us and our dinner in his last edition!)

    My dream job? A USPS mail clerk. Don't ask me why. If they paid six figures, I would so do that for the rest of my life. :shrugs:
  15. A copy editor for either a big newspaper or a magazine. :smile:

    It was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done. I love English, it's always been my passion. It was always fun being able to change articles around to the best form they could be in.