Dream interpretation

  1. Last night I had 2 rather frightening dreams...in the first one(don't worry, I won't describe the whole dream!) I shot an intruder who was assaulting my DH, and then went looking for my DH when the house was suddenly filled with police who were arresting me and I kept saying "Where is my husband??" and from their replies I could tell that he was dead. Woke up from that one with my heart going a mile a minute, just terrified! Took me a few minutes to calm down, then I fell back asleep and dreamed that I went on HUGE shopping spree with my Visa check card--bought like 3 MJ stams, a couple of Chanel totes, a chocolate paddy, and some miscellaneous LV. As I was trying them on at home I suddenly realised that there was NO WAY I had enough $$ in my checking to cover all the charges and I was panicking!! Then I woke again with the tachycardia and anxiety.. the weird thing is that I'm not under any outside stress that would cause me to have such scary dreams.

    Anyway...anyone here into dream interpretation? Just curious.
  2. I think I remember Twiggers doing a fantastic job once interpreting one or two, it was a while ago but maybe you could pm her? Your dreams sound so scary, I hope you are feeling better.