Dream Interpretation.....help?!

  1. Ok....so, I posted about this guy in another thred, PC. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?

    Anyway, PC's family runs the only General Store in our
    ti-ninsey community of 50 people. (Our city has 4000, community only a mere 50) Therefore we know each other pretty well. I see him a lot when I run into the store, we chat and flirt back and forth...

    So anyway, to my point, for the last week, like EVERY FRIGGIN NIGHT I have a dream about him.

    The first dream he came to my school and in a very "Officer and a Gentleman" type moment he sweeps me off my feet and out of my Success Strategies class.

    The second dream he came to see me at work (I'm a hostess at a restaurant)...I saw wedding bands! He comes in with another guy from our community (that gets severly tongue tied when I'm around) and says (he speaks in this dream) "Hey baby." I look at them. "I didn't know ya'll was comin in." I tell him that they can sit where they want to. And because it's pretty slow at that moment my boss tells me to go and sit with them. I don't think I saw the meal, if I did, I can't remember it now. Anyway, by the time they're done I'm back up at the register taking someones money (Yes, I'm a cashier too) and he stands in line and when it's his turn he asks if he can get my 50 % employee discount and I tell him "Lord no," take his money and tell him to go back to the farm (I love farmboys). He asks me if I'm gonna get off in time to go to the tractor pulls with him (I love the tractor pulls) and I say yeah and he leans over the counter and kisses me and then him and his buddy leave.

    Last nights dream was different. And it kind of worries me, seeing how sick my Dad is....

    We're at church. On the front porch and I'm not exactly crying, but I'm upset and he gives me this hug...the only time I've been hugged like that was a few months ago when we had a special service at our church for my Dad right after we found out he had all this cancer. It was Isaac, the idiot you all know about, that gave me that hug. We were both crying and shaking and hanging on to each other when we hugged that night.....and then after the hug PC and I kiss....soft and quick.

    I don't know what this means. I think I'm sleep deprived. I mean, seriously ya'll....a weeks worth of dreams about 1 guy I haven't seen in a month. You think God's trying to tell me something?

    And then tonight at work a cook and I were constantly flirting. And then right as we're getting ready to leave he really badly gashes his finger open, and guess who he wants to fix it? ME! So I wrap him up and go home.

    During the supper rush my ex-bf comes in and stares at me the whole time.

    I am not getting enough sleep..............
  2. Anyone?
  3. Any takers???
  4. I don't know anything about dream interpretation but... those sound pretty straight forward. Sounds like you have a bit of crush (to put it mildly:p). I don't know the back story but can you have friends arrange for y'all to be at an event together? Or if you're a brave girl, give him a call. Maybe pursuing something with him will give your subconscious a rest and you can finally get some sleep.
  5. To me it sounds like your dream reflects what's going on in your life and head. You're worried about your dad and are kinda crushin' on PC...don't add to your stress by focusing on a dream. Live your real life, hon.