Dream explanation?

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  1. Anyone knows how to explain dreams? I had a very vivid and extremely disturbing dream last night, obviously because I'm going through a rough time lately.
    Anyone cares to help me out with explaining it to me?:smile:
  2. Care to explain what it is?? Maybe then you can get different interpretations on what it may mean. I also suggest a dream book if it's too personal to share with people. GL!! :flowers:
  3. Well it is not that it is very personal rather than very disturbing, I guess if it is too graphic a moderator could later delete it...

    My dream was this: After making love with hubby I started bleeding profusely (no pain), I mean thick red blood in large quantity, I was totally shocked and I was crying, so I went to the bathroom were I sat on the toilet bowl, and suddenly I started vomiting warm salty water again in huge quantities. Water wouldn't stop coming out of my mouth, I was terrified and I woke up...

    All this didn't take place in the house we live right now, I think it was a smaller but very bright apartment.
  4. Whoa, that is disturbing! Have you tried googling? Dreams+blood or something like that?
  5. Will PM you my thoughts. And I agree with i_wona!! Google it!! :yes:
  6. I googled and came up with this

    To see blood in your dream, represents life, love, and passion as well as disappointments. If you see the word "blood" written in your dream, then it may refer to some situation in your life that is permanent and cannot be changed. To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood, signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends. Your past actions has come back to haunt you. Women often dream of blood or of someone bleeding shortly before or during their periods and when they are pregnant. To dream that you are drinking blood, indicates that you have a fresh burst of vitality and power.

    I can't find anything regarding the other part with the salty water, except this


    Vomiting in a dream may represent those things in life that cause you emotional stress, repulse you, and make you ill. This dream suggests that you are rejecting a thought, idea, feeling, or circumstance and that fast and, almost violent, cleansing is required. Examine your daily reality and try to identify matters that would cause such a strong physical reaction. Superstition-based dream interpretations say that vomiting in a dream symbolizes reversals; so if you are short of money
    you may have a stroke of good luck and your financial situation may improve!
  7. Oh thank you , I appreciate it!
  8. I just wanted to add a little tid bit of dream analysis I learned from school, and from people who study dreams, palms, fortunes, etc. (My Grandma and my God Mom both study these topics immensely.) Dreams can be interpreted differently in each person's eyes. One example, you could have a dream that you're pregnant. Now if you just told someone that straight up that you had a dream that you were pregnant, s/he may think, "Oh she's pregnant" However that may not be the case. It could also mean that someone (or something) new is about to enter your life. Some sort of new energy?? A new friend maybe?? A new job??

    In addition, I hear that in dreams energies and people take different forms. For example, my Grandmother (who's recorded every dream in the last 30+ years) had a dream my Aunt died, instead my cousin died IRL. Some people say that the person (object) imagined in the dream (in this case my Aunt) may just be the form the energy come in, just an image to communicate the issue at hand.

    I just wanted to share this little bit of information because we all have different opinions and they are all valued. We all see things differently hence the reason why we interpret things differently. It's what makes us all unique and valuable. :yes::flowers:
  9. dreammoods.com

    pretty good.
  10. About 20 years ago, if you asked about dream interpretation, you'd get a whole slew of ideas based on Freud's findings, dealing with sexual repression and fixations on your anal or oral stages of childhood, but lately, a lot of psychiatrists are convinced that most of the time, dreams don't mean anything in particular. Either it's your brain trying to work out current stress related problems or it's just your mind playing out odd scenarios.

    What sort of stressors are you dealing with? Any issues with your marriage? Issues with weight? Trying to sell your house? Any of these could manifest themselves as off the wall images in your dreams.

    Bottomline, I wouldn't worry too much about it...it's just a dream.
  11. I would have to agree with Charles, don't worry too much about it. it is a disturbing dream. I LOVE to interpret my dreams and other people's dreams, but if I find the dream to be almost like a nightmare then I don't interpret it for them.

    I will only tell you one thing, your dream means trouble but when you got in the bathroom in the dream it means getting rid of the trouble.

    so don't worry and try to forget it ;)
  12. here is my take based on what has been written: bleeding like you were and from where you were bleeding signifies a loss of confidence. being that you were bleeding from "down there" as they say, points to sexuality - in other words, have you lost confidence or trust in yourself or in your partner? vomiting signifies the need to let go of something in your life and the salt signifies a feeling of increased worth. So maybe you already know you need to let go of something because you do feel you deserve more.

    I could be completely wrong though. Thats my take on it. I used to study dreams a long time ago - I could be rusty.
  13. Thanks for everyone's replies!
    I chatted more with dearmissie via pms, and I thank her in public, she is a very sweet and caring person.

    Well my biggest stressor these days was my dog's death, and the delay of his cremation. Because he was my first dog, and I was with him 24/7 he was more like a child to us rather than just a pet.
    Me and hubby are going through so much pain, but the day before the nightmare we made love for the first time after our dog died, and although it was pleasurable it stirred up feelings like guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness... We talked about it, and we agreed we need more time before we get back on our regular routine and habits. Physically we function just fine, emotionally not just yet...

    After talking with dearmissie and thinking of her input I think the blood thing was a symbolism of losing my dog, not feeling pain was about the way I deal with pain in general and also these days (with medication) in order to numb everything.
    The warm salty water (tasted like tears) is the hysteria I went through and my need to "purge" all my bad feelings, and cry/mourn for my loss...
  14. I just wanted to clarify a bit. I want to make sure you're coming to this decision not based on a dream, rather based on your feelings in reality. Like I said before, a dream isn't some sort of hidden sign, it's more than likely just your brain working things out in an abstract way.

    And sorry to hear about your dog. :sad:
  15. Charles, yes of course I'm taking under consideration my real feelings, I'm not lobotomized:P, yet.

    What I remember from the brief time we studied psychology in school is that nightmares are the way we process our fears and desires, and I always keep it in mind. A dream doesn't always makes sense of course, but analyzing a tad bit helps getting closer to what's really going on.