Dream Dinners

  1. http://www.dreamdinners.com

    I was in class tonite & my teacher mentioned that she feeds her family with DREAM DINNERS.

    I went home and googled it & I am impressed so far!

    Does anyone dine with them?

    I am going to stop by the DREAM DINNER place tomorrow to schedule a session.

    My man & I have been so lazy to cook and we have been eating out for the past few weeks....

    I think this way we can save more $$$ and eat a healthier & more sensible meal.

    It's about $250 for 18 dinners ( 4-6 servings,varied) per month--depending on your area & family household size.

    They have a new menu every month too!

    I don't know everything about this dinner program yet, but when I do..I shall share...or if you know more about it than I do, please DO share your experience with them!!! :yes:
  2. Sounds interesting. My problem is, I LOVE to cook. I'm a frustrated chef inside. Anyway, this sounds like a great alternative for those nights when cooking doesn't sound like fun.
  3. I've done their trial session (4 meals). It's not bad, but their servings are pretty small, in my opinion. We can each eat two of their servings as one, no problem. And most of the meals you still have to prepare sides, so I end up cooking longer in the kitchen anyway. And once you do the preparation, you'll realize how easy it is to do at home anyway. I did my session about four months ago and I still have two meals in the freezer. It's not bad if I liked cooking but just didn't want the ultra mess, but since I end up having to cook sides and whatnot, I end up making a mess anyway, negating the benefit.

    Since me and hubby are ultra lazy, we buy Homebistro.com dinners. Everything is boil in a bag, includes the sides, and is actually REALLY delicious! We were really skeptical about bbq ribs being boiled, but it tasted great. So every night we are lazy to cook, we just fire up a boiling pot, drop in two of these dinners and come back in fifteen minutes and have a complete meal. Meals are around $15-20, so they are pricey, but compared to eating out at a nice restaurant it is cheap!
  4. oh wow! I will have to check this one out. The boiling thing sounds much easier than preparing the meals like DD.
  5. You can still try a DD intro special to see if you like it. Most of them have a special offer for three meals for $49. You can test it and see if it's something you might enjoy (I didn't, but that's not to say you won't!).
  7. I've actually done this with another company called Let's Dish. I stopped going because the ladies kept thinking I work there. I thought I was going to have to beat someone up.
  8. this sounds kinda like the family version of the zone diet
  9. why would they think you work there?
  10. Yeah, I thought the Dream Dinners were just "ok" in the flavor dept too. But when you realize how simple the ingredients are, I can see why. Like I remember ordering the steak with garlic butter sauce....the steps were seriously: 1) put frozen steak in bag. 2) mix garlic powder and chives with butter. 3) put garlic butter in bag. THE END!

    I've never tried Home Bistro's soup bowls before! You'll have to tell me how it is. I figured I already knew how to cook soup, so I wanted to try more complicated dishes first. :smile:

    Anyone who is looking into prepared meals...DO NOT use DineWise.com! They were the most awful dishes...I tried them because I thought they would be like Home Bistro, but cheaper and microwaveable...they are far worse than any regular TV dinner you can get in the grocery store. Plus they hound you with phone calls after you order trying to get you to buy more!
  11. SailorNep -
    Your post inspired me to look up the website. The food certainly does look good!

    Have you tried the lobster? Is it tender?

  12. Interesting you brought it up! I just ordered the lobster today! I'll put up a review when I finally get it and eat it. :smile:
  13. I use them sometimes, I love it

  14. I'll look forward to reading your review!

  15. I've never used any of those but when I lived in Tampa I had a personal chef. She would come to my house and fix enough dinners for a month and put them in containers and freeze them. It was like $280 I think. And a lot of them I could eat half and be full.