Dream come true - wallet @ outlet

  1. After falling in love with this wallet this fall, and watching several items on eBay, I found it at the outlet for $100!
  2. Wow, great deal! I love that wallet, I hope I find it at my outlet tomorrow!
  3. Nice find and great price!! Congratulations!:tup:
  4. I saw those at the outlet when I was there Friday...it's so pretty! I have the matching wristlet and it is one of my FAVORITE Coach pieces I own.
  5. CONGRATS!!! I really wanted that wallet too!
  6. What outlets has everyone seen these at?
  7. Wow terrific deal! Congrats!
  8. very nice. I haven't seen the patchwork wallet until now. congrats!
  9. What a great deal! Congrats
  10. That patchwork wallet is pretty and you got it for a good price!!!!
  11. If you can't find the wallet at the outlet, check Lord and Taylor. Right now with the sale and extra coupons, it makes the patchwork wallets around $105 or so. I just bought the fall patchwork envelope wallet for $112, including tax. They also have the holiday patchwork bags, etc, as well...a great supply at my store here. But be sure to download and print out the coupon!
  12. I have been looking for that wallet at my outlet and I called them and they still don't have it in. I have the tote and want the wallet to match.
  13. Nice! Great deal! :tup:
  14. wow awesome find! I love that patchwork!
  15. Congrats! I saw those at Nordstrom too :tup: