Dream Clutch - thoughts?

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  1. I think this bag is so cute! It looks like a pewter color in the top photo, which would be divine, but I think black is what they have available (it's probably just the lighting that makes it appear to be pewter/metallic). Was this ever available in pewter? Thoughts on this bag? Thank you.


  2. GUNG, I don't think I posted on the other thread, but that bag is seriously beautiful. I think that if RM keeps making all these great styles, I may never look at another designer again! (sorry Marc).

    Have you ever posted a complete "family" portrait? Do you have a superwide angle lens to get them all in!!!!
  3. ^LOL, I have no idea what a superwide angle lens is...or if you are just kidding!? LOL

    Its tough for me to do an "entire collection" pic because my digi-cam cant fit all the bags! Any advice??
  4. ^ Sorry, it was kind of a joke, but I know that you have tons! Wide angle lenses let you take a wide, think almost panoramic, view. I think it would be great if you grouped them. I think you've posted all your MAMs. How about all your matinees, then all your others? All in one place. Start a new thread because I can guarantee I am not alone in my desire (need!) to see your collection. You are our goddess!!
  5. Hee hee, I have lots of MAM's but only one Matinee. If I could figure out how to make my camera lens go wider, I would totally do it!:yes:
  6. Thank you all for the comments, and thank you, Gung, for the great photos. This is a truly gorgeous and unique bag -- beautiful design.
  7. I'm with Soccer Mom! GUNG, imagine trying to take a picture of the Grand Canyon - you'd need a wide angle lens to get it all in. And your RM collection is probably about as big! (chanting) Family portrait! Family portrait!!
  8. LOL! But I have no idea how!
  9. ^BUMP for rachiebabes!
  10. Aww, you're so sweet for bumping this up for me, GUNG! And you're right, it's super sexy and the leather looks unbelievable!

    And I would love to see a family portrait of ALL your RMs! Just line up all your bags on the couch, and if you have to stand all the way on the other side of the room to get them all in, that'll do! I think we all just want to see all your bags as a whole collection!