Dream Closets

  1. Beautiful! I can imagine it takes much dusting and cleaning to keep the furniture looking that way.
  2. Just found this thread and LOVE IT!

    This is not a closet, this is more like a store! Could you imagine picking out what to wear everyday?

  3. I was getting ready to watch Fashion Hunters on my DVR and my DVR taped the preview of the up coming episode of Mad Fashion and they showed Dina's closet from RHWofNJ. OMG!!! her shoe collection is bananas.
  4. Petra Ecclestone became known this summer as the world’s richest bride. But her older sister Tamara is no slouch in the luxury department, either — particularly when it comes to shoes.
    Tamara, 27, a TV personality in Britain and the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, opened her shoe closet to Closer magazine to reveal 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, 15 pairs of Ugg boots, 20 pairs of sneakers (“though I never work out,” she tells the magazine) and a handful of Ginas and Jimmy Choos.
    The value of her shoes alone? Easily $100,000, the Daily Mail estimates.


    Her shoes and clothes take up the entire spare bedroom of Ecclestone’s apartment in London’s chic Chelsea district. She also owns loads of designer bags and dresses, and admits that she “usually only wears clothes once.” The Closer staff believes her entire wardrobe to be worth around one million British pounds.
    “My mum’s horrified by the amount I spend on clothes,” the socialite shares. But she’s determined to change her ways. “People think I’m a spoiled rich girl, but I want to demonstrate that I’m more than just the daughter of someone famous.” For more with Eccelstone, pick up the latest issue of Closer, on British newsstands now.
  5. Love Tamara, been watching her tv show, lot's of shots of this gorgeous closet. She comes across as a nice person too.
  6. This is my favorite thread ever! Love these closets!
  7. Tamara Ecclestone's closet (floor plan) at her new £45 million house according to dailymail
  8. Now i need to print this and present to my hubby:smile: thats when he will realize HOW MUCH i am obsessed with a perfect closet for myself:smile:or maybe he will just think i am crazy:smile:
    one of my favorite threads ever!
  9. Just wanted to bump this thread with a new contender for most fabulous - Suzanne Rogers' closet.