Dream Closets

  1. where is this one from?? It is beautiful!
  2. ^^it sure is
  3. I think there is a "show us your closet" thread in here... searching brb
  4. Thanks Jeneen:biggrin:
  5. Love Nicole Richie's closet- it looks a bit cramped in there but I would die to start digging around all that clothes!
  6. there's an inspired one like it at pier one.
  7. ^and i got the pier one dresser and i love it
  8. :nuts: Pier one has one :yahoo: gotta check it out
  9. I wanna know about the purple armoire :love:

  10. they sure do. i got it over the summer
  11. I got my mirrored dresser and 2 nightstands from Tuesday Morning for about $500!!

  12. online or is that a store here?

  13. great find the one in my area never has anything I want
  14. in-store. The location off of Leesburg Pike, right before you get to Bailey's crossroads. Right near Target, Home Good, etc. It's one of the best, far as selection, in the area.

    I was waiting in line to get this set, because I called the store and the Manager said "we're only getting 2 sets per store" WTF!!!! So there I was with Dunkin coffee and a muffin, waiting in line. But it paid off.

    Sorry to hijack the thread :smile: