Dream Closets

  1. I remember seeing Kimora Lee's closet on Cribs and it comes close to Mariah Carey's! I also remember seeing Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon's Closet on Oprah. That woman can have as many shoes as she wants.:yes:


    Kim Cattrall

  2. I have a 9' closet and it never seems to be big enough. How much room do you suppose these women average?
  3. Mariah Carey, Kimora Lee Simmons, Carrie's cozy closet on SATC
  4. i love this thread...keeps me inspired.

    some of them are too austere, like oprah's and some are too much like a tea salon, but i now know i like clean, organized, bright, but not plain..must have a bit of personality. basically mariah carey's. :smile:
  5. Gisele Bundchen's closet , here's a scan from vogue.

    Kanye West's shoe closet go figure just sneakers

    Carolin Murphy

  6. i'd love a closet, period. i have one of those TEENY TINY ghetto sliding door ones with a short rack and some drawers. is literally packed to the gills, and only holds about 20% of my clothes. everythign else is in bags, underbedn boxes, more bags, stacks, in mom's and sister's closets. its a NIGHTMARE. i can not get to ANYTHING, unless i bought it less than 2 weeks ago. maybe that's why i keep buying clothes. but it's not an excuse, it's the annoying truth.

    i LUST about closets, even the simplest, most humble (but highly organized) ones. it's crazy...
  7. anyone ever done california closets? the service that will come fix your closet space, offers all kinds of solutions, including construction. is it worth the price? and what is the price? can they do more extensive stuff like extend closets, etc?
  8. I have the same problem! There is just not enough rom to store it all! :crybaby:
    I guess because i can't find my skinny jeans i'll just have to buy a new pair :graucho::yes::nuts::yahoo:
  9. can't get enough of mariah's shoe and clothing closets!!
    mariah_at_home3.jpg hosl07_carey.jpg
  10. omg.. those are making me insanely jealous. id be happy with just a little walkin one...
  11. Mariah and Kimora have the best closets IMO. Hell, Maria had one entire section just for lingerie. Kimora's shoe section is too cute..she puts everythingin to plastic shoe boxes and attaches a polaroid of hte shoes to the box!

    And all you people that live in actual apartments and homes...no complaining!!! lol I'm stuck in a 14x11 dorm room at college with my lovely roommate. Our closets are TINY. Can barely fit my winter coats in them!! And our chest only has 4 small drawers. It's IMPOSSIBLE to store everything! I don't even have room for all my towels and sheets!!
  12. Best thread ever!
  13. Paula Abdul`s closet look at all those sunglasses and belts, would love those for the spring.

  14. :drool" mariah carey's is beyond my dream closet!LOL!
  15. Mariah's closet looks like a boutique!