Dream Closets

  1. wow its like a mini boutique! heck it can be one boutique.
  2. Paris's closet is just like a boutique to me, probably she should attach price tags on her clothes and accessories :smile:
  3. I love Mariah Carey and Kimora Lee's closets. The contents aren't really my taste but the closets are beautiful!
  4. :yes: Absolutely! Her closet was AMAZING!
  5. I'm suprised that Paris does not have pictures of herself all over the place
  6. All the closets are seriously drool worthy! lol
  7. Can't help it here's one more dream closet:yes:

    Rachel Zoe - Stylist



  8. OMG I love these! Thanks for posting! I have a long way to go!
  9. I find it odd that all of her shoes are stored heel out. If I had that many pairs of shoes I'd need to see the front as a reminder.
  10. ^ I store one of them heel out, the other heel in. That way you can see the whole shoe! :amuse:
  11. wow! I envy Kimora Lee's closet! :smile:
  12. My fave by far is Mariah Carey's! I saw her whole closet in a magazine and it is bigger than most people's flats! eek. And her shoe "closet"... more like shoe boutique. They were nicely organized on so many wall-to-wall shelves :drool: It was like a library, except with shoes! lol
  13. The only thing I don't understand is what's up with the plastic hangers? :shrugs:
  14. ^ I know! Plastic and wire hangers drive me crazy! I think it makes a closet look messy no matter how organized it is. Or maybe I'm just OCD like that haha.

    If I had closets like these, I'd probably never be able to get dressed and go anywhere. I'd just sit in my closet all day, lol.