Dream Closets

  1. I know there are alot of closet threads but I dont think this ones been posted yet. I saw this in a mag and I loved her closet.:woohoo:

    Aerin Lauder's Closet
    aerin lauder's closet (2).jpg Aerin.jpg
    aerin lauder's closet.jpg aerin lauder's closet (3).jpg
    aerin lauder's closet (1).jpg
  2. I'd love a nice closet. Ours is big enough, but the hanging bars and shelves aren't placed in a very helpful way.

    I saw a show on HGTV once where a woman had converted one entire spare bedroom into a giant closet. It really was TDF, but weird at the same time.
  3. I love these closets full of color.

    Vivre owner Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti's closet



  4. That is my dream someday...
  5. Not only would I love to have a huge closet, but also what some have in their closets.:graucho:

    Paris Hilton

    Nicole Richie
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  6. I would love to snoop around Nicole Richie's closet
  7. I really like the idea of a gigantic his and hers closet. I can't find a picture of my ideal one yet.
  8. I'd like Mariah Carey's closet (from MTV Cribs) b/c it looks HUGE and so organized! It was like a small boutique
  9. I must have two walk-in closets when I have my own house: one for clothes and a second for bags and shoes. :yes: This is non-negotiable.
  10. I loved Aerin Lauder's closet and pulled that out of the magazine to save for inspiration when I eventually move out of an apartment and into a house.

  11. this is my IDEAL closet but mine looks more like nicole richie's, size & all...minus ALL the designer duds of course. this summer we're finally going to dump some $$ into our closets. do you think i can achieve eva jeanbart's closet?

    i hope so...it's so practical/functional, yet stylish.
  12. One of my resolutions is to organize my closet. I love my closet in L.A, and the room I keep all my clothes in, in Scotland is huuuge but I have never got round to re-decorating it.

    I love Paris & Nicoles closets :drool:
  13. Very inspiring pics!! I have a very cool design from california closets ready to go, and that's my goal to get my walk in + other bedrooms updated once and for all!
  14. There is a very good article in the NYTimes about closets


    Stuff of dreams.


    Oprah's Closet