Dream Clinic: Rhinoplasty and Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

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  1. H
    Hi Ofirefly

    Thanks for dropping your comment hear . When you mentioned you are scheduled with Dr Park , I assumed you met him and consulted with him before ?

    The reason I ask I because as far as I know he does not do incisional works such as lateral canto .

    Thanks :smile:
  2. After looking some more, I feel that I really like how Baum does rhino. o.o

    I've made consultation appointments with:
    The View
    April 31

    Not really sure about JW because I got a quote of like 11,000 usd when I know for sure that's super inflated. April 31 is also pricey but I thought, hey why not.
    I think those are the only clinics I will consult at. I kind of want to shorten the list further to be honest...
    So if anyone has any ideas that would be great!
  3. Hi! In fact I have never met Dr. Park before nor ever set foot in Korea lol. Not the best idea I know, but I simply don't have the time to spend on days of consultations. And so many things about Dr. Park and Dream appealed to me (not factory-like, reputable doctor and clinic, closed rhinoplasty, good beside manner).

    And I believe Dr. Park does do lateral canthoplasty. In K Couture's thread (http://forum.purseblog.com/threads/my-recent-consultations-in-seoul-and-surgical-experiences.846812/) she mentioned consulting briefly with him about lateral canthoplasty.

    I'm very curious about your rhinoplasty -- I know that it was not entirely successful, but was there a big aesthetic improvement from before? May I ask what procedures exactly were done on your nose? Feel free to add me on Kakao if you like. Thanks so much :smile:

  4. Hi Firefly ,

    No. there is a minor improvement. Even that is not what I expected .
    My nose was originally slightly deviated to begin with . I had anterior septal deviation which does not shown externally .
    He should have done a septoplasty instead of brushing it aside thinking it was a minor thing .
    He did a very basic septo intraoperatively when he found out I was more deviated internally than it shows externally . This should not happened if he examine my nose thoroughly pre op, like the rest of other surgeons I went to latter on .

    My breathing passage was narrowed after the bridge augmentation . Not only I have a slight breathing problem , when you mount an implant on a deviated septum , the deviation become much more pronounced . Now I need to fix it .

    I don't plant to come back to him unless he can present some solutions that convince me . So far he only offers minor touch up and the septoplasty method is rather unconvincing .

    I have consulted to 8 other surgeons ever since I know I needed a revision . Their septo method are all similar except what dr.Park has offered me .
    The thing that hold me back is all of these 8 surgeons will redo everything .
    It would be ideal of I can preserve what has been done on my primary op .

    I hope that helps Firefly . :smile:

    Peach .
  5. Thank you for sharing :smile:

    Could you please mention who these other 8 doctors were? It could help some people I think, including me hehe^^

  6. I am so sorry that your result didn't meet your expectations. He definitely should have done septoplasty with your rhino. Hope you can find a solution for your revision soon. Would you still recommend Dr. Park for rhinoplasty? Please share if you have any advice for future Dream patients to increase our chance of satisfactory results.
  7. Gantz, it would be nice if you do your own research and share with us sometimes instead of digging and asking people information on every single post on purse.

    Peach23, thank you for the information. You’ve been helpful!
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    I am doing research, that's why I am here! My research focuses though on fc now instead of nose, that's why I have very little to share. I have shared in the past about fc and the clinics I am visiting, you don't have to be rude. Nobody asked me though something, those who asked me I helped them through inbox as much as I could. Plus my knowledge on nose is restricted, plus I don't speak/read Korean, so it is helpful asking other people, where is the bad thing on that? If you don't ask how will you learn?

  9. Yes, if you already have a good base and only need a minor tip plasty .

    No , if you want dramatic improvement such as correction of deviated nose , big alars , low bridge or revisional rhinoplasty. He is not a revisional specialist .

    I visited many many clinics .

    Top class - dr Kim
    101 - prof Paik ( very senior and months of booking for surgery )
    Trend - dr. Lee ( quite impressive , excellent post op from the surgeon daily. Suitable for those who is looking for a sharp tip )
    Olive - dr Ban
    Mijak - dr An ( like using rib as for revisional or primary )
    Nano - forgot the name . I am not impressed .
    Asan medical - prof Jang ( ENT rhino surgeon )
    Cocoline - dr Kim ( natural tip )

    Everyone has different aesthetic view . Visit as many and see if the surgeon share similar aesthetic view as yours . Do abit of reading on basic rhinoplasty literature , so you know what they Re talking about . Don't rush it . It's your face . Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated ps with highest revisional rate.

    Good luck firefly !

    If anyone from dream read this , please drop by and share a comment here about your experience at Dream . I would really appreciated it .

    Thanks !
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    Thank you so much for sharing! :smile: I have never heard of Mijak and Asan Medical before.. Were all these clinics recommended by Koreans? How did you find them?(naver, google,sooyoung etc?)

    Which one did you like the most? Did they give you prices? More details about experiences? :smile:

    One more question: Why didn't you visit April31? I see that Dr Kim has quite an experience with rhino revisions. Was it because of the price? I like the noses he does, and I am going to pay him a visit , but if the price for primary is over 3,5-4 krw I will not choose them.

    As for my research this is a quote I saved from pf I think, I didn't save the name and date of posting though:


    This is just my opinion, but the clinics that are popular with Koreans for nose are:

    1. Garosu Plastic Surgery
    2. Go Woon Se Sang
    3. Gold Plastic Surgery
    4. Daily Plastic Surgery
    5. Mega Plastic Surgery

    It's an opinion as you see, not a fact, but it might help you..

    Also, liked the results from this clinic, I found it accidentaly and checked them briefly, it's called Comain/Comiin(?) Clinic, here is their website if you want to check them out:
    http://comain.co.kr/index.php (korean)
    http://comain.co.kr/en/?OPFSessionID=e2e78af10e8c3d4fde9869887ed4f444 (english)
    But their surgeons are previously from shady clinics, like shimmian, wonjin, bk and more, so I don’t know if I could really trust them in the end.

    Hope this helped, I wish you to find a surgeon who will deliver the results you like! :smile:
  11. Gantz,

    It is clear to me now of whom you are and what your intention is. You posted the clinics above but couldn’t remember the source of where you found it? Well, let me refresh you. It’s on myseoulsecret website which is a medical agency in which case they work with those clinics you posted. They are suggested by a staff from myseoulsecret (Sora Lee) because they work with those clinics for commission. It’s not because those clinics are good simply they works together and if a patient go there they earn commission. But it is very clever of you to post it on here again though. Btw, we have a lot of girls on this forum that are good with dealing with people like you. And yes, I have visited all of those clinics above and their specialty is definitely not in rhinoplasty.

    For everyone else, I’ve posted the picture here for you to review of where Gantz found those clinics but stated she couldn’t remember the source and thought she found it on this forum. Silly of her! It’s important to not to take what you read on this forum or others seriously. Must do extensive research and not to listen to others especially those who will take advantage of you.

    Attached Files:

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    I said I THINK I read this here, I said I didn't right down the name and date, so I couldn't remember where they were from. But thanks for posting the picture so that I update my notes as well. How shoud I know who this girl is by the way? I personally don't trust any clinics that work together with agents since it makes me feel they are money hungry and factories, so if you say they work with an agency I might not even check them out. I got information about Braun noses from there(I THINK again-not sure). You assume they are not legit either? I can send you the quotes if you want to see.

    Don't come to conclusions so fast dear. I am NEVER going to use a medical agency anyway, I haven't read any positive thing about agencies in general, aside from the obvious promoting material. In the end I am just going blindly and trusting my instinct since I have zero knowledge of the Korean language
  13. Hi peach,

    I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about your rhino at dream? :smile: thanks in advance, I really appreciate your help! I had a primary rhino at JW in may 2016 and I feel like the radix is too high. So I am planning to go back to seoul in Dec 2016 and get it fixed. Dream is my top choice because I would really like the procedure done through the closed method as the healing is faster. I already did my primary through open method so I don't want to go through that again -_-;

    My questions are:
    1) Did you feel like Dr. park communicated with you clearly about what to expect? For me, I feel like Dr. suh at JW was skilled and talented (as I have no complications post-op) but I feel like he didn't clearly help me understand what the final nose will look like. I showed him a photoshopped pic of what I wanted and he said he could do it, but the final results turned out so much differently
    2) Do you think Dr. park is skilled at tipplasty? did he touch your tip during your rhino? for me, I am pretty happy with the tip currently, it's the bridge that I dislike. So I would prefer Dr. park not to touch my tip and only change my bridge and implant. But if he thinks he needs to change the tip to make it more harmonized with the new tip, I want to feel confident in his skills to touch my tip.
    3) Overall, do you think Dr. park was able to listen to your concerns & really tried to understand what you wanted? I consulted with dream for my primary but I feel like he seemed a little bored during our consultation. He didn't really ask me many questions and just said he could do what I asked. But at the time, for my primary, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted for my nose anyways, just to fix the hump and bulbous tip
  14. I've had nose surgery at Dream 3 times - primary, 1st revision, and 2nd revision. The first two times didn't give me the result I wanted, as I felt there was very little change both times. I'm really hoping this 2nd revision will be the last!

    In terms of eye surgeries here, I've heard that Dr. You, Dr. Anna, and Dr. Cho are the usual ones for eye surgeries (esp incisional as I heard Dr. Park only does non incisional eye surgeries) - not sure how their actual results are though. Has anyone here done double eyelid surgery and/or lateral at Dream before?
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  15. Hi can you share what went wrong? Dream is on my list of clinics to consult for nose and facial contour