Dream Clinic: Rhinoplasty and Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

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  1. Hey everyone!!

    I've been lurking in this thread for a while, and I've done a lot of research on where to go for the procedures I want. I've consulted with a lot of clinics (via the internet since I'm not in Korea), and I think I've pretty much settled on Dream for rhinoplasty.

    The problem is that I'm not really sure which doctor at dream is good with double eyelid surgery (non-incisional). Or if there even is a doctor there that is good with it.

    If anyone has any experience with dream with regard to these two procedures at Dream, please let me know!!

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. Hi Shinennia

    I am a Dream patient. I had both rhino and non incisional des with dr.Park last year .

    Which surgeon are you planning to have surgery with ?

    I am happy with my eyes . But I need a touch up on my rhinoplasty. I am still deliberating weather I am going back to my surgeon or to a different surgeon at a different clinic .

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  3. I'm definitely planning on having rhino with Dr. Park, but I'm uncertain of non incisional. Would you also recommend Dr. Park for eyes? I know you're happy with your eyes (which I'm glad to hear!) and I was wondering if you've heard of any other success stories with Dr. Park for eyes?

    How did you like your experience with rhinoplasty with Dr. Park?

    Also, do you think you could pm me the price of your surgeries?
  4. Dr. Park is a conservative surgeon . He would preserve the structure of your septum as much as he can without a lot of manipulation .
    His standard endonasal rhinoplasty is I shape ultra soft silicon for bridge augmentation and SEG ( septal Extention graft ) for tip lengthening and ear cartilage graft for the tip for extra definition .

    If you are seeking for a natural results , he is the man.
    But if you are expecting a more projected tip close to a wester tip, then you need to find a different surgeon . Dr. Park does not like " operated " look . Either that or he does not know how to sculp one since a few other fellow Dream patients who receive a rhinoplasty from him have similar results like mine .

    I am not completely satisfied with mine . But Dr. Park and I have been discussing my plan for a touch up .

    Have you met him ?

    As for my eyes , I think he did a very good job . I would recommend him for non incisional des .

    But to be fair to other clinics , DES is such a popular procedure in Korea . There are many other good surgeons that can easily produce just as good DES .

    As for pricing . Mine was both a revision. I had a small simple tipplasty and des ages ago. So if this is your primary case , your pricing would be lower than mine .
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  5. Yes! I'm definitely looking for a natural result, and so I feel that he would be perfect. I haven't yet met him, but I'm planning to in a month or so. I'm great to hear that you are very satisfied with your non incisional des. That makes me feel really relieved. I think I'm going to plan to have both done by him.

    Is it difficult booking an appointment with him?
  6. No. You can Kakao the rep. They will help you to make an appointment to consult with him .

    I am curious . Why did you choose Dream ? The reason I ask is because i don't meet many fellow dream patients and when I do I always ask them why they end up choosing Dream haha .
  7. To be honest, I haven't absolutely decided yet! I'm trying to pick 3 clinics to visit when I actually go to Korea probably, and then pick one after visiting in person. However, Dream is definitely on top of my list.

    But to answer your question:

    I'm more concerned with rhino than the eye surgery. I feel like it's a lot easier to mess up on the nose... Although correct me if I'm wrong. I want a natural correction with endonasal rhino, and I feel that Dr. Park has a good reputation.

    I also think that their pricing is acceptable.

    But it is my first time... so I'm kind of still unsure about everything >.> I just know Dream is one of my top choices for now
  8. Oh and I totally forgot to ask...

    Is the kakao ID just edreamps?
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  9. True . Rhinoplasty has the highest rate of revision not because of it is necessarily botched . Often our expectation does not match with the surgeon's aesthetic view . Therefore do your research and consultations with several clinics and see if the surgeon's rhinoplasty signature shape suits your face and liking .

    Are you choosing Dream as tip choice because of endonasal ?

    That's one of my consideration having mine there . Endonasal has a downside of limited navigation , not fav of many surgeons . But strangely enough , Park loves this method . And he is good at it .

    Ask Kcutoure , she is a fellow Dream as well . She is happy with hers .

    Just to be fair to other clinics again , Baum , Top Class , April 31 .. Etc are good and reliable as well .

    Dream medical group :
    +82 10-8626-1628

    This number should link to their Kakao .
  10. I hope you don't mind me adding this here Shinennia. I hope their comments will help you to decide which clinic best suits you by the time you are in Seoul .

    Hi Fellow Dream Patients,
    If you guys happen to be a fellow Dream Patient kindly drop comments here .
    I would like to compare experiences regarding your procedure at Dream especially rhinoplasty.
    Thank you :smile:
  11. Yes, I only want to do endonasal, and so Dr. Park is a top choice. I briefly considered April 31, but their prices are a bit too high for me. I have emailed Baum, but am still waiting to hear back.

    Thanks for the number! I'll definitely contact them :smile:

    Thanks so much for all the info!! You're so helpful and sweet Peach!!
  12. Welcome :smile: . Keep me updated will ya .. :smile:
    Best is for you to come and talk to them . Chemistry between a surgeon and a patient is important as well .
  13. Oh I forgot . Baum has Kakao. Dr Park and Dr Seo will answer the Kakao themselves , when they are not in surgery . Send your pic and expectation to them via Kakao and would be good to consult via Kakao preliminary .
  14. Great thanks!! I just messaged Baum on kakao. Hopefully I hear back soon :smile: I'm very excited! Thanks for all your info!
  15. Hi there,
    I am scheduled for rhinoplasty (and possibly DES/lateral canthoplasty/acculift) at Dream with Dr. Park later this year. I'm choosing him because of the generally good reviews he has here, but more importantly his skill in the closed method. I do not want the risk of external scarring and prefer a less invasive procedure.
    That being said, I have some unique requirements for my nose, since although I'm Chinese, I have a rather wide and high bridge with a hump and long nose, along with wide alars. I don't see many B&A pics (from any clinic) of noses similar to mine, so I hope that Dr. Park will be able to handle my case as well as he does for others.
    Best of luck to you!