dream came true..

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  1. Hi everybody I just bought the emerald birkin 35cm.out in mightykismet... I' sure that if my sweet half know the price ,he will be completely out of his mind..:cursing::cursing:. My husband left this morning at 6 a.m. to go to Frankfurt on business... he had 300 and more pages to read for the meeting and the flight was 2 hour late...I was home alone with 4 kids ...and at 7.30 my nanny called ...she was hill.. the biginning of a nightmare:nuts::nuts: MY HUSBAND ,CALLED 5 TIME..
    HE WAS VERY very upset...poor thing ...I felt very very sorry FOR HIM SO MUCH DELATE ...SO MUCH WORK......:crybaby::crybaby:
    so I needed something to uplift me. DO YOU THINK THAT stunning BAG WILL make a
    LOVE TO EVERYBODY OUT THERE AND LET ME KNOW ISONCE IN LIFE YOU HAD A 35CM.B. UPLIFTING YOU...i don' t wont feel gilty............:shrugs:
  2. I am sure it will perk you right up! As long as it turns out OK in the end with DH, too!!

    wait.....was it croc?????


    excuse me while I faint now.....
  3. OMG - the CROC???????????????????????????

    No WONDER you feel better!!!!!

  4. Congrats....Congrats....Congrats....I know it will be just fabulous....
  5. Wow -- what a gorgeous bag! I am sure you will be walking on air when youcarry it!
  6. oh no, my pic went away...

    can you please post pictures in the main Hermes subforum when you receive your bag form MK!!????? PLEASE!!
  7. Thank you for your support.....
    Iwould like to send some pictures of this bag and also other bag for example
    a very beautiful kelly that Igot in a auction in CHRISTIE'S
    but I don't have a clue how you send pictures. can somebody tell how to do it.....
    THANK YOU:love:
  8. Thank you for your support.....
    I would like to send some pictures of this bag and also other bags, for example
    a very beautiful kelly that I got in a auction in CHRISTIE'S... it't stunning...
    but I don't have a clue how you send pictures. can somebody tell me how to do it.....
    THANK YOU:love:
  9. ^^angel, did you take the pictures already? Do you have a program that will allow you to crop and size pictures?
  10. I' M SUCH A DISASTER WITH THE COMPUTER....my husband is the expert...
    I don't really know .....but please explane to me how you do it so I CAN INVESTIGATE... THANK YOU ...COBALTBLU....
  11. P.S . I JUST DID THE PAYMENT OF THE BAG TODAY...I don't have any pictures yet. I' m sure I' ll recive the bag next week . so if you can tell me how to send pictures I'll do as soon the bag is here....:yahoo:
  12. ^^angel, I have sent you a PM
  13. Holy Smokes! Congtrats on an AMAZING bag!! .... :woohoo:
  14. A green Croc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to post pictures when you get it!! And congratulations!!
  15. Congratulations on a fabulous bag! I never feel guilty. I always use the line on my husband, "I told you, guess you weren't listening again". It never fails!