Dream bags do come true

  1. Ever since I got my flat brass hobo back in the spring, I've been dying to find a caramel flat brass classique. Seeing how much they go for on ebay, I was pretty discouraged, and yet I had a feeling that eventually I would come across one. Imagine my surprise when I wandered into a consignment store that I used to frequent when I was in high school and found my dream bag, sitting there waiting for me! :heart: and at a price I could afford :yahoo:

    dreambag1.jpg dreambag2.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! That is awesome. What are the chances this could happen??? The bag is gorgeous (I know because have one too) and the condition looks incredible. Wish I was in NYC, you have such great shopping out there.
  3. Oh, WOW! Congratulations, Slinks. I hope I could find a FB hobo when I go to NYC this month. I do believe dreams come true...so happy for you.
  4. Thanks, chigirl! You know, the funny thing is that I found this treasure in Boston, of all places! was home last weekend and thought I would check out the old haunts.
    I've seen the odd bbag bargain in NYC consignment stores, but they are still hard to come by, as the girls in NY are Bal-savvy... and unforch, the prices are often very close to retail.
  5. WOW .... :nuts: CONGRATS slinks to this rare beauty :drool: ... OMG it's GORGEOUS, just TDF :yahoo: !!! Enjoy it :flowers:
  6. Thanks ladies :heart::love:!
  7. Slinks - Congratulations -- amazing story! Please do tell which consignment shop (I live in Boston area).
  8. I LOVE this story!!!! Congrats to you! I need to have this kind of luck! LOL
  9. Congratulations! Your bag is beautiful!
  10. congrats. beautiful bag..... beautiful story....
  11. Congrats - those are so rare! I've never seen a caramel colored flat brass... I bet you saved a ton through that consignment store!
  12. Wow the condition is pristine! and man o man THAT LEATHER!!
  13. WOW!! :drool: Now that's fate for ya. Congrats!
  14. Thanks, Rock! now you and I are practically twins, with the black hobos and the O2 classiques :smile:
  15. Wow!:nuts: Congratulations, what an amazing find!:yahoo: