dream bag

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  1. being that i am only 16 and my bank account is far away from being able to afford a balenciaga so i just come to this thread to drool, but last night i actually had a dream about a balenciaga bag and ive thought about it all day. i kid you not i had a dream about a purse !

    it was a day in a light navy color (i dont even know if its been produced. but i made a color swatch so you could get the full effect.)

    and i had a rouge clutch in the dream as well !

    it was just magical :wtf:

  2. I admit it, I have had a dream or two about a bbag, LOL!!!:nuts:

    On my monitor, the swatch looks like French Blue! That would be nice with a red clutch.....:heart:
  3. the weird thing is, is that i never really looked at a day all that much i just always wanted the city or the first. and now the day looks better every time i look at it !

    and my dream bag has a colorname now yes !
  4. That's so cute! I hope one day you'll find the bag of your dreams ;)
  5. thank you so much danae ! i hope its soon too (very very very very very very very soon)
  6. good for you getting started early! that way when the time comes for you to get one you know exactly what you want! :smile:
  7. How cute. =)
  8. Aw, you're so sweet! I hope your dream comes true soon!
  9. thanks everyone the second i get my bbag yall will be the first to see her !!
  10. LOL! I'm literally over twice your age, but just got my first bbag and like you, was also having bbag dreams about blue bbags! The one in my dream turned out to be closer to the aquamarine color that's out right now. What's funny is I'm pregnant and the weird dreams just seem to go w/pregnancy - with my daughter, I had dreams about pink bathrooms. With this one, I keep having recurring blue bbag dreams. I told dh it means we're having a boy, AND I should get a blue bbag. He told me it means I'm way too obsessed with bags!
  11. yay!!! What a great dream, im the same as you! Bbagless!x
  12. The color actually reminds me a lot of the new color due out this fall called "Ocean." Maybe it is a sign you will get your first BBag soon once that color is released. :graucho:

    Also the Day style is awesome! It is definitely my choice. In fact I sold all my Citys and Firsts to buy more Days.
  13. pink bathrooms and blue bbags what pair ! i vote you should get a blue bbag too haha. and you can never be too obsessed with bags what was he thinking.

    one day luva pug we will have so many bbags we wont know what to do. i cant wait !

    kirsten i hope your right i think im going to get my coach ergo then start saving for the "ocean" day they are suppose to be released in august right ?
  14. That is too darn cute! :tender: Maybe when you land your dream job, your closet will overflow with dream bags!!! :graucho:
  15. i hope so ! the second i turn 18 im going to apply at neiman marcus and work my way through junior college and i want to eventually go to FIDM and major in fashion merchandising and have a killer balenciaga collection