dream bag vs. practical bag: what to do?

  1. So I'm selling my practically brand new Batignolles Vertical...I just don't love it!:crybaby: But I thought I could use the money I get back to get (read: save up for) my dream bag, the Belem PM, which made me fall in love with LV in the first place. I loved it when I first saw it a year ago and I still do! But I've been thinking that it may not be very practical for everyday use. But I love it so so much! If I don't get the Belem, I was thinking of getting the Chelsea, which is way bigger and probably a bit more practical. What do you think I should do? Get my dream bag that may not be super functional, or another bag I really like that I could probably use all the time? :cursing:
  2. Are these the two bags you are talking about?

    I just wanted to make sure these were the ones you were referring to before I pick. :smile:

    Damier Belem PM -$1,180USD ("Dream Bag")

    Damier Chelsea Tote - $1,240USD ("Pratical Bag")
  3. Yes!
  4. The Belem is not un-practical. My friend, who will not have a bag with only one section, purchased this bag and it is fabulous. It has a large interior, which zips all the way open, the two side pockets, and the straps are adjustable (I am pretty sure of this on the larger MM bag, ~$1600). She carries ALOT of stuff around, and it all fits. She is not one to baby her bag, and it still looks new after 6 months. If she didn't own one, I'd get one myself.
  5. But do you think the smaller one is just as practical? It doesn't have adjustable straps...it's only handheld. Plus I heard the MM is hard to carry on your shoulder...thanks for your help!
  6. I would get the dream bag otherwise you will always think about it. Then you will later get it and perhaps regret not getting it sooner. So go for the dream.........
  7. Okay, great! :tup:

    I would definitely suggest to get the DAMIER BELEM PM because:

    1. It is your DREAM bag and you have been in LOVE with it for the longest time so why not get it already.

    2. It is THE bag that made you fall in love with Louis Vuitton in the first place and it will always be on your mind if you don't get it.

    3. You already had a "practical bag" (the Batignolles Vertical) and you ended up NOT wanting it anymore.

    4. The Damier Belem PM is such a beautiful bag and has such a unique shape to it. I BARELY see anybody with this bag, which makes it just that much more special.
  8. go for the dream bag!!! don't "settle" for something you're not as crazy about.
  9. Get the dream bag! It's damier and will be easy to care for.
    Plus, the Belem has such an unique shape, but it looks quite roomy!
  10. I think you should DEFINITELY go for your DREAM bag. You're going to wonder about it until you get it, and you won't appreciate any bags you get until you finally go for the Belem. The Belem is plenty big, too, so it's not like you're trying to confine your everyday things into a much, much smaller purse. Frankly, it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on a purse you don't love. JMO.
  11. Go for the dream bag! :yes:
  12. i like the way the Damier Belem PM looks. go for that!
  13. Go for your dream bag...you'll use it the most!!
  14. Thanks, guys! I think you're ALL right, hehe, I'll go for my dream bag!
  15. Good luck with your dream bag! Post pics when you get it!